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Being a Pin Up Model is great fun and thank goodness that the era of pin up beauties is returning! Although the media is still dominated by the extra tall, extra skinny models, some companies are now looking for different looks and are returning back to the original sex symbols-the Pin Ups!

The amazing thing about pin up girls is that no matter what size, or shape you are, you are able to be a pin up model.

The pin up style doesn't favourite any body shape. How great is that!

Pin Up models do a lot of burlesque work as well as lingerie shoots. It's great to see an increasing number of models with tattoos as well. Society is opening their minds to different types of beauty. But please, don't be a girl that thinks that just because you have tattoos, you're a model.


Sabina Kelley even says this. Get tattoos because you want to. Modelling is an art in itself and just some ink isn't going to make you famous.

So you want to be a Pin Up model?


Here are a few tips and tricks to get you on your path to stealing the hearts of men and making them drool.

WARNING! Please be aware that being a pin up model requires a great deal of confidence. They speak it with their body language. If you don't have such confidence yet…don't shy away. You can work on it. Act like you have the confidence at first. Ultimately and with time, the confidence will come naturally. Trust me. It's proven.

Let's begin your path to making you a successful Pin Up model...

  • Step 1 - Copy the Experts
 Research pinups and see how they work it for the camera...what they wear...their poses...their gestures.


    You want to know as much as possible about the professionals and copy them. You can of course add your own twist, but if you don't know what you're doing in the first place, maybe it's a good idea to first copy the experts such as

    Dita Von Teese , Sabina Kelley , Bernie Dexter. Check out these ladies and more here.

    Also, before you decide to step into this magical world ensure you're comfortable with the the idea of wearing all pin up clothing (lingerie, bathing suits, lovely dresses and pencil skirts).

    Also...Even though pin ups come in any size and shape, you see a lot of them that have very distinctive curves and are not size 0's (although you can be a pin up still if you are!).

    They are curvy yet still toned so make sure you look after yourself.

    Of course, there is a market for plus size pin ups if they have an exceptional personal style.


  • Step 2-Emphasize Your Best Features
Perfect your look. All the famous models of the 40s and 50s had their own trademark, such as Marilyn Monroe 's beauty spot, Bettie Page's amazing 'Girl Next Door' look and even the modern pin ups have their own trademark such as Sabina Kelley with her long blonde hair and two full tattoo sleeves.

    Wear pencil skirts and high heels if you have great legs or snug 1950s sweaters to make the most of your curves.

    Make sure you never leave the house without the most important pin up addition-undergarments. Corsets are great and if you really want to pull off the original vintage pin up look - try wearing a bullet bra.


  • Step 3-Grow Your Portfolio
If you want to start working as a pinup model, you need to get yourself a good portfolio of photos so best you find yourself a photographer.

    The best photographers for pin up models would obviously be those who work in the field.

    As pin up modelling is only just re-inventing you will actually find that some Pin Up photographers post a lot of discounts on their services, so look out for the great deals.

    Also, utilize what you have around you.

    If you live in a city with a rockabilly or burlesque scene, then there sure will be plenty of those type of photographers or attend some of the events and maybe you could score yourself some photos for free.

    Make sure you're always ready to have your photo captured!

  • Step 4-Market Yourself
    Make yourself known. If you live in an area with plenty of rockabilly subculture you'll find there may be a lot of advertising modelling opportunities for you.

    Look for independent clothing designers or photographers. If you have the skill consider the possibilities of burlesque or other stage performance to further your work as a pinup model.

  • Step 5-Get Serious. Get an Agent.
 Consider hiring an agent (although initially this really isn't that important).

    Not all modelling agencies take on girls with this alternative and funky look however some specialise in this. Make sure you look for a good agent (reputable ones won't charge money upfront) so watch out when signing those contracts!

Pin Ups can hypnotise you. They are extremely inspirational so allow yourself to dream and work to become the best pin up model there is. Posing for these shots takes just a little technique.

Pin Up Photography

How to Successfully Complete a Pin Up Shoot

  • Step 1 - The Photographer is Your Guide
 The photographer is the expert. Listen to his or her directions and you will surely end up with some stunning final photographs.
  • Step 2-Relax! Have Fun!

Pin Ups are confident and care-free. So just relax. Have fun with the shoot and try to get into the mind set of these sex bombs.

  • Step 3-Don't Get Overexcited!
Be proud. Don't be shy and stay in the spotlight. Try not to make excessive movements. Pin ups are slow and graceful. So no sudden movements otherwise you may get onto the bad side of the photographer and his assistants.

  • Step 4-Your Time To Shine!
 Photographers love it when models bring a slice of their cake to the platter.

    Be creative.

    Don't expect the photographer to guide you through every tiny movement you make. Oftentimes, the photographer will allow the model to use his own poses. Be open to new commands or direction as well.


  • Step 5-Remember When To Say No
 Some famous pin ups (eg. Dita Von Teese & Masuimi Max), are known for their amazing nude shots.

    There is no need for you to go to this level if you are not comfortable.

    Remember, if you wouldn't feel comfortable showing your pictures to your family then you shouldn't take the shot. Draw your limits. Don't shut off the idea of nude photos completely though. Consider props such as large feathers to cover up your assets.

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