Dita Von Teese Quotes

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Dita Von Teese Quotes

Dita Von Teese Quotes are not your usual quotes. More often then not quotes are a pretty similar thing amongst most Very Important Persons. Quite repetitive.

But when you try to mix a burlesque, sex symbol into the mix the short paragraphs become quite interesting!

Dita Von Teese Quotes are entertaining, inspirational, funny and insightful.


The more I have read and learnt about her, the more I feel like I know her and I reckon we'd be great mates if we ever met!

Dita Von Teese Quotes

Dita Von Teese Quotes on Motivation

"Some days there`s nothing for it but to go back to bed, but mostly I try to put a face on and turn the day around. I try to remember we all have those moments — even people you admire."

"When things get you down, make the best of your own life rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks."

"Okay, so now I’m this famous fetish model, I’m going to be the best fetish model I can be. And when I was working in the strip clubs I thought, I’m going to be the best headlining stripper that I can be."

Dita Von Teese Quotes
Dita Von Teese Quotes About Herself

"I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute."

"I love it when you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that you have a little secret of your own on underneath" (referring to her stunning lingerie she wears everyday-just to make herself feel better. Great idea!)

"I always get billed as `Dita, internationally known fetish supermodel I`m really a small town girl from Michigan who has a good laugh that being a fancy-pants stripper got me here! Some people say what I do isn`t very liberating. I say it`s pretty liberating to get $20,000 for 10 minutes work."

"The truth is that I am very ordinary blonde girl from Michigan."

"I never ever wanted to be a little girl, ever. When a lot of friends were into the whole schoolgirl fantasy, I was always like, I wouldn’t be caught dead. I’m 35 years old. I’m not 19 years old anymore, playing around with different looks. I know who I am and I’ve known for a long time."

"I don’t think I’m better than the pole dancers."

"If it were just about looks, I probably wouldn’t be the most famous burlesque star in the world, because I’m sure that I’m not the most beautiful one."

"My show is the real me."

Dita Von Teese Quotes

Dita Von Teese Quotes About Her Career Choice"

"How can someone have a problem with me when they will pay to see a film where an actress shows a nipple?"

"It`s not about seducing men, it"s about embracing womanhood"

"I’ve had a lot of arguments with myself over this, but I think that if I were Nicole Kidman, and I were in a movie, and they were negotiating over my body parts—what my tits are worth, what my ass is worth, how much extra money that’s going to get me—how is that any different?"

"I sometimes think, Wouldn’t it be great if I could go back to those moments when I could walk out on the strip-club stage and just let it all go."

"When sexuality, style, humor and playfulness all come together, along with a bit of innocence, well, that’s when a burlesque show becomes great."

Dita Von Teese Quotes About Burlesque

"We're strippers. I'm not ashamed of being a stripper. Gypsy Rose Lee was called a stripper; it's not a bad word. It's where modern-day striptease started. It's the same thing, it's just a different kind of styling, and maybe there were a little more theatrics involved, a little more glamour."

"I like the process of knowing, when the curtains open on this big, expensive, elaborate, fabulous show, I did all the creative parts of it. I’m not just a girl taking off her clothes to music."

"It's not being the girl in the show what my main talent is, believe it or not...The reason I think people notice my shows is the creative part of it, not that I’m the prettiest girl or the best dancer or the youngest."

"I don't put myself above [strippers]. I used to work alongside strippers and pole dancers. In fact I miss it."

"When you look back at burlesque in history and the real golden age of burlesque, those entertainers were there to entertain, and there wasn't usually some big political message behind what they were doing. They were there to make people forget about their problems, and I want to uphold that tradition."

"I like what I do, I enjoy the creative process of conceptualising, building and starring in my shows, and acting doesn’t really allow me the control and creativity I love. Maybe that means I will always be lesser-known than movie stars, reality tv show stars, tv actresses and pop stars, but frankly, I don’t mind."

Dita Von Teese Quotes About Fame

"I don’t understand why women feel the need to go into acting as soon as they become famous."

"It's very satisfying to be perhaps the only celebrity without a stylist that manages to make it on the best dressed lists."

Dita Von Teese Quotes About Fashion

"Hip clothes and shoes and handbags can drive a woman wild. I think it's even stronger than sex for some."

"My look and my style is a combination of inspiration from many things, and from decades of my own personal evolution."

"I would rather look at someone who has overdone it than someone who is wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. I love when you see an old woman who's been wearing her makeup and hair the same way for 40 years."

"The most prolific women in fashion are not "of the moment," they dare to be different and have distinctive style t"hat does not change from season to season, it only evolves."

"I once second guessed my instincts and had a stylist come over to my house and help me go through my vintage collection with me, and I remember she picked up a beautiful pair of 1930’s shoes and said "these would look SO cute with jeans" and that was the moment I realised that she knew nothing about me (I don’t even own jeans) and that I was best off staying true to my own personal style rather than let someone else tell me what is right and what is wrong, and putting her own tastes on me."

"Marlene Dietrich...knew her own style and took risks and wore pants when people said it wasn't glamorous and was a terrible thing for a woman to do. She had a signature style. Greta Garbo, too. They embraced their own cliché and their persona, and I love that. Women love to dress up now, but I feel like there aren't a lot of risk-takers."

Dita Von Teese Quotes about Glamour

"You can't dictate to a woman what should make her feel sexy."

"I think it's bad manners to stand around in public with ripped jeans and your hair in a mess, holding a Starbucks."

"If I go out to a club, I wear a hat and gloves and maybe a corset, and people look at me because I'm not wearing a short Paris Hilton dress or a dress cut down to my navel."

"If I admire someone, I prefer to see them at their best. I don't want to see a woman that I think of as glamorous in the grocery store wearing sweatpants and a ripped T-shirt."

"Glamour is about creating illusion. I’m clearly all for the illusion, partially because I also love to strip it all away at times and reveal my vulnerability to those I want to. It’s not about hiding."

"I was very upset that I couldn't wear my Easter Sunday dress or my Christmas dresses all the time. It didn't make sense to me that I couldn't wear something pretty all the time. So I began plotting my womanhood at a young age."

"I felt like there are a lot of beauty books out there that tell you the right way to wear your makeup, and I want to tell people how they can create glamour in their lives, and that breaking the rules is sometimes the best way."

Dita Von Teese Quotes about Life

"It's nice to be comfortable, but I'd rather be uncomfortable."

"The truth is that I'm a very ordinary blonde girl from Michigan. When things get you down, make the best of your own life rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks."

"I only take criticism seriously when it comes from someone that I admire."

"I wish more people would focus on doing what they do best rather than feeling the pressure to get involved in everyone else’s stuff!"

Dita Von Teese Quotes

Dita Von Teese Quotes About her Values and Beliefs

"I`ve been called anti-feminist before and it makes me really mad. I don`t do my job for men, I do it because I love the make-up, the costumes and the history of showgirls."

Dita Von Teese Quotes About Sex

"Don't save your good lingerie for dates, wear it for YOU."

"True sexiness has many facets. The elements include things like confidence, strength, intelligence, and humor."

"For me, lingerie isn’t about seduction, it’s about being a woman."

"People have always been interested in sex. There have been periods where there was more censorship, but you can find explicit hardcore pornography from the invention of the camera."

"The great seductresses in history knew that it isn’t just about trying to look sexy or pretty; it’s an art and one becomes skillful in it when she realizes that there are all these conflicting elements that all come together to make something magical."

Quotes on Makeup

"You either wear a very matte lipstick that’s very dry and doesn’t bleed, like MAC Ruby Roo or Russian Red, or you wear something that’s shiny and you look at it every, like, half hour to make sure it’s OK. There’s not really a secret. There’s no trick!"

Dita Von Teese's Quirky Quotes (shows she doesn't take life too seriously

“One guy paid me $5,000 to make a film where another girl hits me in the face with a cream pie. If you have never taken a cream pie in the face, it is the best thing ever. It’s pee your pants funny, the most fun you can have sober!"

Dita Von Teese Quotes

Dita Von Teese Quotes About Her Marriage with Ex-husband Marilyn Manson

"I`ve lost my luggage before and not had my makeup, and he`s lost his luggage and not had his makeup - so it`s great that we`re always covered."

"I had all the faith in the world in our relationship for the seven years we were together. I loved him very much, and when I married him I completely believed it would be forever. But that's not what happened."

"I basically lived with Mommie Dearest for six years."

"I wasn't supportive of his partying or his relationship with another girl. As much as I loved him I wasn't going to be part of that."

"I think it's unfortunate that [Manson has] had to exploit our divorce for the sake of record sales, but you do what you gotta do, I suppose. I think most people at this point understand what happened and what they're dealing with when he's doing interviews drunk and offering journalists cocaine. It kind of tells you what I might have been up against. I'm just trying to put it past me, I'm happy to be a single girl and have that drama out of my life."

"I know I'll fall in love again. And I know that I loved him [Manson] enough to try and help."

"Neither of us is ready. I don`t feel that we need to have children to validate our marriage and I don`t need children to claim I`m a fulfilled woman."

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