Secret Confidence Confessions of the World's Top Pin Up Models

Beginners eBook Guide To Unleashing The Confidence Diva Within...

Dear Confidence Seeker…

They say that in life we are presented with endless opportunities.

Amazing moments to:

√ Meet our desired partner

√ Great social events where we can make new best friends

√ Opportunities to excel in business or at work and get a promotion…

But why is it that so many times, no matter what is presented to you, you don’t take advantage of these opportunities?

And most of the time, it’s simply because you’re lacking confidence in yourself and your abilities...

It doesn’t feel too nice when you see the greatest gift of your life walk away from you.

It hurts. You feel crushed. Sometimes knocked down and you don’t feel you can pull yourself together.

But is there the capacity to change your outlook on life AND change the way other people look at you?

Is it really possible for you to love the person you are and have the life that you desire?

You may have just found what you have been seeking...

Do any of the below points sound like you?

Not really loving what you see in the mirror...

Missing out on fun social events because you didn’t feel confident within yourself...

Not getting the job you want because you settled into a job that came along...

Not getting the promotion you know you deserve at work because you’re too afraid to speak up...

Getting walked all over by people in your life because they know you won’t bite back when they something you won’t agree on...

Having to turn the lights off when climbing in bed with your partner because of the discomfort you feel when you are naked...

Not being able to find a partner you so truly desire because you’re too afraid to even start looking in fear of being hurt...

You tend to see the world around you as half empty instead of half full...

Confidence really is the underlying key to getting what you want in life.

It affects just about every aspect of your existence.

Of course…you can get by as you are, but what about the potential for an even better life that you know is just sitting there waiting for you to snatch it up?

Confidence is an art form...something that needs practise. But where do you start?

"Secret Confidence Confessions of the World's Top Pin Up Models" is your perfect starting guide...

Compare confidence to getting a whole new wardrobe...but this is like getting a hot new wardrobe for your 'INNER' world. You look a million bucks...because you FEEL it.


Scientic & proven tips and techniques that will increase your confidence. No more wishy-washy ‘tips’ but hard facts that get results.

Discover and implement three simple and easy exercises which will completely transform the way you AND others look at you.

You have a track record of having really low self confidence….can this change? You bet…but you need to know this one thing.

√ Myths busted! You may believe something regarding confidence to be true which isn’t and it’s holding you back from living a fulfilled life.

How to get practically anything you want from life by applying this simple trick to boost your confidence - it’s actually easier then you think!

√ Why some women have more confidence then others...and how you can reach that level of certainty and go even further.

√ Discover and apply these 12 steps
to instantly increase your confidence levels.


Discover all of the eBook Secret Confidence Confessions of the World's Top Pin Up Models’.

Get your Quick Start eBook Action Guide full of hot tips to get you looking and FEELING your best....

But wait…there’s more.

In this easy to read, 45 page eBook, you will also discover…

What is confidence anyway and why is it so desired? It may not be what you thought.

√ Read real life examples of pin up women who are confident in life and who you can learn this art from.

√ The benefits of confidence - what you gain from having it and what you lose from not having it. Great wake up call as to why you can’t go another day without it.

√ Confidence may not actually be all about you. How helping others will make you feel better about yourself.

√ Does faking it till you make it really work? This will actually shock you.

√ Is someone in life holding you back from living your life fully? Learn how to empower yourself so you can give them the flick.

Discover the greatness you already have within yourself…even if you think there is none there. Guaranteed.

Discover How To Finally Feel Confident In Any
Outfit You Choose. Get Back The Endless Hours You Spend In Front Of The Mirror Trying To Find Something You Feel Good In…

Do you find you’re always spending endless dollars at the beauty salon and department stores buying make up and clothes to lift your spirits and help you finally look your best.

But it seems like a vicious cycle doesn’t it…

Not matter how much you shop; you know your effort is pretty much like a temporary band-aid that will wash away when you need it most.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you finally were able to proudly walk out the door without make up and without having to spend endless hours in front of the mirror because you are comfortable enough to do so?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could finally look in the mirror when you are standing in front of it naked and have a giant grin of appreciation on your face?

Well now you can.

What You Will NOT Get From This Ebook…

This isn’t an ebook that will tell you:

“Just learn to love yourself as you are and be 100% comfortable with that”.

To me that doesn’t mean a thing. I’m 24 and still on a mission to discover who I am on the daily.

This intro-guide will provide you with proven tips and techniques that will get you the results you've been searching for.

However! You must be prepared to do some work in order to get your confidence levels you desire.

It’s like anything! If you want a great relationship…you need to work on it.

If you want the job of your dreams…you need to develop your skills in order to even qualify for it. Again…this is work.

If you want confidence…this requires effort.

If you are simply after a book which you can read once and expect your life to miraculously change, then this eBook is not for you.

In that instance I would definitively discourage you from purchasing this book.

If you are however committed to really taking control of your life to finally get the things you want...

AND are willing to put the time and effort in by completing the step-by-step, simple & easy exercises that you will get in this book…

Then this is something for you to invest in.

But Here Is Where It Gets Exciting For You…

This is really a gift for you and all those around you.

By becoming a more confident you and finally getting what you want out of life, instead of feeling like life is beating you up, you will be a better partner, sister, mother, friend to the most important people in your life.

The choice is now yours…this eBook is the perfect place to start to help you increase your confidence.

Take it or leave it…but if you don’t take action now…think about it…

How will your life be different tomorrow?

Join the ranks with hundreds of the world’s most confident celebrities and every day women who have finally said goodbye to limiting thoughts and beliefs about themselves.


What Others Are Saying About This Guide & About Sorelle

“I have implemented the steps and even gave these tips to the woman who I love more than anyone in the world. My Mother. So far it is working for me. Keep preaching Sorelle. You are reaching people all over the globe and helping them to achieve the hardest thing possible. Loving oneself."
Tanya Michelle Speed

I just read the ebook. It was fantastic!! There are so many great and useful tips for women who don't feel confident in themselves. You are saving women's self esteems!! You are truly inspiring. xoxo
Lilly, Perfectly Pinup

I just downloaded the Confidence ebook. Had a quick flick, decided I loved it and am now dedicating my weekend to giving a thorough workout! xx
Lilla Rosten

I just took a look at the book, the pictures and graphic look sooo beautiful. I'm so excited to read this!! I will let you know what I think of it as soon as I'm done! Thanks a bunch!
Shanee Peroune

"So very good to see such a positive roll model for women. the world needs more people like you [Sorelle] :) "

"I can't believe I have the opportunity to directly express to you my gratitude and appreciation for all you do for us ladies. The PUP website and your YouTube channel have been such an inspiration to me. Not only as a lover of all things pin-up, but also as another lady struggling with the same day-to-day issues so many of us do. Your perpetual positively and your uplifting spirit are contagious. Thank you, again. ♥"
Kayla DeMartine

"I just want to say how much you inspire me. You are super confident (which you should be) and you seem like a such a happy person. I wish I was that confident and happy with my self. I think it's so cool that you show to all types of women that no matter your shape size ethnic or what you look like on the outside you can still be beautiful! xox missy "
Missy King

"Dearest Sorelle,

Seeing your pin up passion posts always reassures me that I am beautiful and confident despite what the mainstream media dictates is 'the ideal woman'. I know if you're wonderful site can do this for me, it's doing it for the hundreds of other women who follow you. Thank you! Thank you!"
Abby Unicomb - Sydney, Austtalia)

"I want to thank you. You have such wonderful tips and thoughts to share. Because of your posts and site, I am feeling better about myself than ever before. My husband actually directed me to it when he saw me wallowing in depression. I felt fat and unattractive. He felt I was beautiful, but I couldn't see it myself. So, thank you. I have been trying the "fake it till you make it" trick and it is working. I actually am feeling it now! Thank you, thank you, thank you :)"
Karen E Gomez - Bellevue, NE

"You are amazing, thank you for giving me a boost of confidence every time you post something nice"
Kim van der Pol - Holland