Bernie Dexter

Super cute. Very classy. Admirable Beauty.

Bernie Dexter - A Voluptuous Vixen. A fine Fashion Designer. Vintage. Unique. Stylish. Original.

It's every pin up enthusiast dreams to be like this lady!

“[Glamour is] a reflection of your inner beauty.”

Bernie Dexter's Vitals:

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Bust: 81 cm

Waist: 61 cm

Hips: 89 cm

Cup: C

Dress: 2

Shoe: 6

Hair color: Black

Hair length: Medium

Eye color: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Skin color: Olive

Shoot nudes: No

Experience: Very Experienced

Compensation: Depends on the assignment and on the profit of her business

Genres: Acting, Editorial, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Hair/Makeup, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Parts Modeling, Promotional, Modeling, Swimwear, Accessories

“Feminism is being a strong, independent woman who is loving, feminine, and not afraid of her femininity.”

Who are the inspirations of Bernie Dexter?

- Of course her, Mom

- Her love of her life Levi Dexter

- John Willie

- Olivia

- Immodesty Blaize

- Tana Louise

- Jean Harlow

- Lana Turner

- Mamie Van Doren

- Anne Miller

- Barbara Stanwyck

- Anne Margaret

- Jayne Mansfield

- Myna Loy

Bernie's Favorites:

- Champagne (especially with potato chips)

- Everything Red!


-Tight lacing corsets

-High heels

-Rockabilly music

- Film noir

-Diamonds (Who doesn't?)

- John Willie (so much!)

- Thrift shops and Antique stores

Bernie agrees every Pin Up needs
“A good reliable photographer, good attitude and hard work ethic.”

Music Idols

Levi Dexter, the Cramps, Charlie Feathers, Janis Martin, Ruth Brown, Crazy Cavan, Steve Hooker, Lil Gizzelle, Meteors, Caravans, Jonny Burnette Trio, Hard Rock Gunther, Ray Campi, Pearl Harbor, The Blasters, Louis Prima

Bernie's Story

Although she grew up in California, Bernie first breathed the earth’s atmosphere on January 14, 1970 at Portland. Her mom is the most influential person in her life. Bernie carefully watched her mom on everything she does, from the type of clothes she wears up to the kind of work she has.

This is where I get to say, like mother, like daughter. Oh my, she even surpassed her mother’s performance as a showgirl! Bernie is a good actress and a renowned model. She earned the award ‘Miss Teen San Diego County U.S.A.’ back in 1988, and was labeled as the ‘Queen of Pin-ups’ and the ‘Face of True Corset.’

She does indeed stand out from the crowd!

After trying her luck in Hollywood, she went into cosmetology and became the Makeup Artist to a few friends. From then on, she became her own freelance model and as crazy as she is, did her own pin-up photo shoots.

Bernie then met Levi Dexter and, as much as she loves pin up modeling, she was pinned with so much love for him. Oohhh cheesy, isn’t it?

Owning her own shoes and clothing line, she earned a great foothold in the modern pin-up realm. Cheers to you Bernie! You’re every pin-up enthusiast dreams of!

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