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Achieve the Desirable & Timeless Look

Pin Up Make Up

Why Pin Up Make Up?

Because it's amazing!

I think it's one of the most important elements of the pin up look because it transforms your face into a an unmatched beauty icon!

The make up complements your vintage, high class choice of clothing whether it be a black evening Audrey dress, or that summer, floral dress you are in love with.

Your face literally radiates just as much as that amazing dress when it's lit by vibrant, bright and fun colors of pin up make up.

The charming pin up aura is viral. The red smiles are contagious in the morning brightening the entire day of everyone around you.

It's true!

Women just love to experiment with their looks and putting on make up has been their favorite gratifying habit.

Most women opt for pin up make up looks just slightly different for day and night. Some tone it down slightly for the day time (unless you have a photo shoot) and have the make up a little bolder and brighter at night time.


Some pin ups...true dedicated pin ups will mostly keep a pretty consistent pin up make up day and night look but toning down just a little on the thickness of the cat eye make up, brightness of the red lipstick and not using as much blush on the cheeks. But the difference of day and night looks won't be extreme.

In the fifties, the definition of stunning beauty was simply wearing red lipsticks and emphasized eyes. Try hitting the search button over keywords ‘famous women in fifties’ and you’ll immediately notice where the pictures are in color, the striking red lips and cat look eyes.

This is just the best way to bring out true beauty, hence why so many women still chose this type of make up even today!

Of course, sexy and seductive curves can’t be earned overnight, but pin up make up gives us instant transformation from a regular day look to an elegant one. Awesome!

DIY Pin-up Makeup

The ever famous Audrey Hepburn, pin up model, British actress, and humanitarian of the 50’s, contributed greatly in the pin-up history. Her bright red lips, dark black eyes, and brilliant smile always have occupied a space on our pictographic memory.

Now she is a fashion icon not only to regular individuals, but even to celebrities and personalities around the globe, a lot of them being pin-up enthusiasts.

This pin up make up look is EASY! So let's get on with it...

  1. Choose the best suitable foundation for your skin. Pin-up makeup looks best in pale skin stay out of the sun! If you have any nasties eg. the lovely pimples or wrinkes-cover them with concealer!
  2. Next apply champagne or shimmery light eye shadow on the eyelid, from the lashes to brow ridge. Put on a generous amount till the depth and highlight satisfies you. You really want to open up those eyes!
  3. Pop some dark eye shadow (eg. dark brown-still quite natural looking which doesn't deter from the liquid eyeliner which is coming up next!) in your creases and blend it nicely.
  4. Accentuate your eyebrows. Comb your brows up and apply a matte eye shadow or eyeliner. Choose a darker color of eye shadow or liner, preferably a dark brown or one shade darker than your natural lashes’. A more natural look can be achieved by working with an angled liner brush on your brows.
  5. Complete the cat-like look by drawing a thin line over the eyelashes. A good liquid or gel eyeliner and a fine tip liner brush will do the trick. Start from the inner corner towards the outer of the eye. Make sure the line gets thicker as you work towards the outer tip.
  6. Now the fun begins! False eyelashes. They are fun but a little tricky at first tricky. With practise you'll become the boss through so don't worry ;)

    • Cut the fake eyelashes to the size of your real eyes
    • Remove the fake eyelashes from the container gently by pressing down lightly onto the fake lashes part. Avoid grabbing the lashes by the rail which holds all the lashes together.
    • Squeeze the eyelashes glue gently to have a little bit of the glue running on the side of the nozzle out of which it came.
    • Gently apply a small amount of glue to the rail of the eyelashes. Sit them down for about 30 seconds to dry
    • Tip: Whilst your eye lashes are drying, apply a small amount of mascara to both of your real eyelashes, this way, when you apply your fake eye lashes and the mascara dries, it causes the fake and real eyelashes to stick together better, ensuring they don't fall off half way through the night!

    • Apply the lashes gently from the inside corner of your eye to the outside. Make sure you push the fakies down to the line of your real eyelashes. You want them to look natural.
    • Allow to dry

  7. Sweep a light pink shade or natural hues powder blush onto the apples of the cheek towards the temples using a large brush. This is for the day time look. Night time or photo shoots it's all about the bright cheeks baby!

    Take out the bright pink blush (don't worry-when the bright pink is on your cheeks it doesn't look so scary!). Apply as specified above.

    The cheeks of a pin up are meant to be very prominent so don't be shy with applying the blush.

  8. Hotter lips are perfect in shape. But I don’t mean you have to invent your new lip shape, just emphasize your existing one by drawing on the exact outline of your lip OR go crazy and extend your lips slightly to make them look fuller!

    Using a lip liner prevents smudges. Also fill the entire lip area with your pencil. This serves as a base to your lipstick so it won’t wear off easily.

  9. Finally, apply a luscious red lipstick using a lip brush. Painting your lips with a brush is a lot more accurate than applying it directly from the stick.

    To make the red lipstick stay on extra long, after you apply the first coat of lipstick, blot it with a tissue, apply a small amount of any cosmetic powder and then put on second coat of lipstick and gloss on top of it. It will stay on forever, just don't overdo it with the powder as it can get a bit heavy.

  10. An extra cheeky addition you can have is to draw a mole like most pin-up models have. Dab black eyeliner on the side of your lips/next to your eye or anywhere on the face you prefer to have a mole.


Pin up make up complete!

By now you should look amazing! Being the new Audrey Hepburn, notice the eyes glued on you as you strut your stuff around the office, neighborhood, party or...anywhere really!

That pin-up makeup builds a unique, renewed, reinforced you!

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