Red Hair

How to Get it...How to Maintain it

red hair

Scroll down to the end of the page to find out how to work your red, hair turning hair-do

Red hair is very sexy. And I have been there. I've done it.

It's head turning, its different, it's powerful. It's seductive.

This is a step by step guide on how to get the right shade, how to keep the shade (ie. prevent the ugly wash out colour), how to keep the hair healthy (it gets reaaaaally dry), how to re-touch your re-growth and how to work the red hair do.

It may be challenging sometimes. People starring. Thinking you stand out from the crowd a little too much. But frankly that's what I think life should be about. Standing out from the crowd.

red hair

So let's get started! Sexy red hair is just around the corner...

You will need:

  • gloves

  • mixing bowl and hair brush

    hair colour mixing bowl and brush

  • Bleach


  • De Lorenzo Cherry Red Shampoo

    De lorenzo cherry red shampoo

    Hi Lift Peroxide

  • peroxide-different strengths. I used the 20% strength as I have dark brown hair naturally and my hair was slightly dyed already. If you're blond you can do 10%, or if you have black black hair or heavily dyed hair use a stronger peroxide. You can purchase the peroxide at a hair and/or beauty shop. They should also know what strength of peroxide you require.

  • Alfaparf Jeans colour is great. So many options. Deep red is the darkest they had in stock. That is what I used.I love it because once your hair is bleached, you just pop that in for 10-15 minutes (i left it in for 20 for the brightest red) and every time you see your hair fade, just keep adding jeans colour to bring the colour lasts for ages, especially that i have short hair. If you have long hair its pretty inexpensive so it won't break your piggy bank.

    red hair

Step 1-Protection: avoid the nasty surprises!

Bleach Stains Don't even think about starting on your red hair make over without putting on the gloves. The bleach will make your hands feel slimy!Also...put on some yukki clothes and use yukki towels that you don't care if they get ruined and make sure you get rid of any nice things lying around. The bleach will destroy them.


Step 2-Say goodbye to your present hair colour!

In your mixing bowl (which costs about $2, brush about $2 as well), mix your bleach and the creme peroxide together using about a half and half ratio. If your hair is not previously coloured, apply the mix equally all over the hair for 30 minutes.

If your hair has been previously coloured, the same applies except you may have to leave it in for an extra 10 minutes.

If you have regrowth, apply the mix to your previously coloured hair for 20 minutes, then apply the bleach/peroxide mix to your roots for 10 minutes. Your natural hair bleaches a lot quicker.

You will notice your hair is whiiiite. Well…for me it was orange as my hair is so dark naturally. It was not a good look!

Step 3-Hooray! It's time for some colour

Colour Once you wash out the bleach and get a little scared by your own reflection, put the Alfaparf Jeans colour of choice into your hair.Leave the Jeans colour in for 15 minutes. Wash it out and you will see amazingly bright red hair.

If you want to look like Ronald McDonald then leave your hair as is, however, if you want to dull the hair colour down a little and making a deeper more beautiful red, follow the next step.

red hair

Step 4-make your red a beautiful deep red

Deep Red Colour

Apply de lorenzo cherry red shampoo to your hair and leave it in for 5 minutes. it darkened the hair a bit and made it look more stylish and not clown like. Yay!This colour was stunning and the compliments pilled in :)

The De Lorenzo cherry shampoo is also what I used as a daily shampoo. Unfortunately you can't really get away with using a normal shampoo as it quickly pulls the red out of your hair. This shampoo is a wise investment.

Step 5-Protect your hair!

Protection As you are bleaching your hair, it will become extremely brittle and dry. Use the most moisturising conditioner you find on the shelf. I found that the best conditioners are the one's they say to only use once a week (i used it nightly). See how your hair reacts to that. I found it to condition perfectly and didn't make it greasy.

You should also use daily leave in conditioners or oils such as the Morrocan oil. This is especially important if you blow dry your hair a lot. Also a heat protectant is good for protection against your hair breaking from blow drying or straightening your hair too much.


red hair

Red Hair Maintenance

Retouch your regrowth...without bleaching your hair!

If after a while the colour seems to be pretty dull, you may have to re-bleach your roots again. You'll notice you won't actually have to do it too much.

What you will need:

  • mixing bowl and brush
  • gloves
  • Majicontract by L'Oreal (sold only to those with a hairdressing license-try Ebay) If you have long hair you may have to have 2 tubes
  • Creme Peroxide (recommended strength 30% for the 1st batch-roots, 10% for the second batch-overall hair colour)
  • Petroleum Jelly a.k.a Vaseline
  • Sexy shower cap

red hair

Step 1-Mixing

Mix 75ml of creme peroxide (30% strength) to one tube of Majicontrast until it becomes a nice even coloured red paste.

Step 2-Protection!

Apply your petroleum jelly all around your hair line where you don't want to it to stain. Include the top of your forehead, back of your neck and your ears.

Step 3-Insert colour here!

Pop your gloves on. Grab your brush and colour your roots to start off with. It may take the whole tube to cover all your regrowth depending on how long your hair is and how much regrowth you actually have.

Wait 30 minutes.Apply your sexy shower cap now.

Step 4-Insert more colour here!

Mix up another batch of Majicolour with the 10% Vol Creme Peroxide Developer and cover your entire hair this time.

You're only using the 10% strength as the rest of your hair has probably been previously bleached and it would get too damaged if you used the stronger creme peroxide.

Cover your hair with your shower cap and leave in for 20-25 minutes.

The total for your roots should be around 1 hour and the rest of your hair about 20-25 minutes.

Rinse...blow dry...COMPLETE! Perfect red hair!

The colour lasts quite a while on your roots as natural hair holds colour a lot better than bleached hair.

You will find the bleached colour fades quite often so you have to maintain it with your De-lorenzo shampoo and if need be, the Alfaparf Jeans colour as it requires (try mixing this colour into your conditioner).

You will have to re-dye your roots about every month.


red hair

How to work your red hair-do

Why are you even asking this question?

Clearly you have had the guts to dye your hair bright red so you do want to stand out. That's exactly what you are getting!

I noticed if you work your hair well enough, hold yourself with confidence as every pin up does anyway and ignore the very rare weird looks you will actually start collecting good compliments. A lot of them at that!

I was told I was the "best fake red head" they had ever seen!

I wouldn't necessary agree, however as a true lady, thank them politely with a cute wink and smile! :)

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