Pin Up Eye Make Up

Get the "cat eye" Pin Up look

The Pin Up Eye Make Up is simple, straight forward and so effective. It instantly transforms your face to look like a sexy girl and a perfect pin up.

eye make upAs you can see with Dita Von Teese, she was absolutely made for the Pin Up look. I have to say, I have not met any woman that cannot pull of the "cat look" eyes. Except maybe a lady in her 80's. I haven't seen that yet. If you know someone doing this look after 80 and rockin' it, please send me pictures.

I would love to see :)

Okie dokie...let us get into it. Here are step by step instructions on how to create the perfect cat eye.

Step 1: Prepare the eyes

eye make up

Clean the eye area, don't apply any moisturizer as this will cause your make up to slide.

Instead directly apply concealer or eye primer to the entire eye area.

Step 2: Make your eyes look bigger

eye make up

This step is optional, but it really works.

Apply a light color eye shadow (such as beige, or pearly white) to the top part of the eye under the eyebrow and to the top of the eyelid. This helps open up the eyes.

Also apply the eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes, next to the bridge of your nose. That will help expand your eyes also.

Step 3: Liquid eyeliner it!

eye make up

Already up to the liquid liner bit.'s quite easy to get the cat eyes!

There are numerous types of liquid eyeliners, from the ones in tubes/tubs, cake liners, gel liners, pencil liners, numerous brands and colors.

I use a simple, affordable, no name cake liner. It works a charm.

When you look at the cat eyes, you notice they go from thin on the very outside of the eye, to thick back down to thin again closest to the nose.

It's always easiest to go from thin to thick instead of the other way around so we'll start from that area.

Don't do the kick at the end of your eye just yet. We'll concentrate on just covering the top of the actual eye for now.

  • Start from the inside of your eye closest to the nose and make the line as thin as possible.
  • Work your way out, making the line thicker as you go. Only apply the make up in tiny little sections. There's no need trying to get the whole line done in one motion. Bit by bit.
  • Tip #1: If you happen to smudge a little bit of eye make up, dab a Q-tip into eye make up remover and fix the smudge. This works beautifully.

  • Stop just before the kick.

So to get the kick right and both of them equal, step away from the mirror slightly, visualize where you want the kick to end and make a dot at that point. Repeat on the second side making sure the lines are equal.

Start from the furthest and thinnest part of your kick and work into the eye, slowly increasing the thickness of the line.

Again, it's easier to go from thin to thick instead of the other way around.

Step 4: Fake eyelashes!

eye make up

Ohhhh I love fake eye lashes. They make your eyes so amazing!

  • Put up the fake eyelashes to your real lashes and see how much longer they are from the real ones. Then cut the fake eyelashes to the size of your real lashes.
  • Remove the fake eyelashes from the container gently by pressing down lightly with your thumb onto the fake lashes part - dragging it downward, not yanking it off it's tray. Avoid grabbing the lashes by the rail which holds all the lashes together.
  • Squeeze the eyelashes glue gently to have a little bit of the glue running on the side of the nozzle out of which it came.
  • Gently apply a small amount of glue to the rail of the eyelashes. Sit them down for about 30 seconds to dry
Tip #2: Whilst your eye lashes are drying, apply a small amount of mascara to both of your real eyelashes, this way, when you apply your fake eye lashes and the mascara dries, it causes the fake and real eyelashes to stick together better, ensuring they don't fall off half way through the night!

eye make up

  • Apply the lashes gently from the inside corner of your eye to the outside. Make sure you push the fakies down to the line of your real eyelashes. You want them to look natural.
  • Allow to dry

Instantly a new look. Your eyes are now complete using lovely pin up eye make up!

Do you have any amazing tips on achieving the cat eyes? Share them below! We'd love to hear your suggestions.

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