How important is looking great to you?

by Sorelle Amore - Founder of

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Why you can't afford not to be looking great...

"Oh…just gotta pop out to the corner shop and get some milk…dilemma…just woke up…no make up on, my hair is horrible, wearing track pants. What to do? What to do?"

We're all been put in this situation before. The food needs to be in your belly asap, the corner store is super one will see me…

As luck would have run into your ex looking not so flash.

Already down, to make things worse, the shop keeper is being horrible to you.

Why me?!

I'm a big believer that if you show the world you respect yourself by looking great, the world will respect you back, so that explains the shop keeper.

The ex is just Murphy's law. Can't be escaped...

Every time I think about just walking outside without my hair and make up done and a nice set of clothes on my back, I really think about how crappy I will feel if I do so.

It's not about low confidence levels at all. I actually really like the way I look without make up. It's more so that the face without the mask is reserved for those that know me best. Those that I wake up next to in the morning.

And I've heard Dita Von Teese say so many times, that not presenting yourself to the world at your best is not ladylike and it's not good manners. A year ago before I started, when I was a massive tomboy with bushy eyebrows, shaved sides of the head and hairy legs, if I heard that, I would have thought it's shallow and ridiculous to be so focused on outer looks.

I now know that we can have it all.

You can be looking great - for you - because it feels great and you can also concentrate on developing the inner you to the best it can be.

This principle applies to everything that you do, not just your appearance. It's about how you present your work to the world. If you're a graphic designer - how do you present your work? If you're a uni student, how to do you present your completed assignments? Are you proud of them?

Those questions then forced me to take a long hard look at

Was I proud of the design and layout?


Was I embarrassed to show people the website.


Not quite the best feeling when you spend hours a day trying to keep this business and love of mine afloat.

So my lovelies, I am so happy and proud to announce that everything is changing. Pin Up Passion is on the path to a major rebrand, major website redevelopment and an overhaul of every single webpage I have written - 700 in total - eek!

It's going to a completely new experience being part of the community. You will feel like you're walking on sunshine every time you get off this page. I can't wait to share it with you finally when it's completed.

Until next time, ensure you're proud of you with everything you do, because that is a much better feeling then being ashamed because you weren't prepared.

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