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With The Right Tools & Step-By-Step Instructions on the Use Of Your Tools, Perfect Makeup Application is Now Within Reach.

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Friday 11:55am

By Sorelle Amore
Founder of PinUpPassion.com

Don't worry...you're not the only one.

The amount of ladies that drool over makeup of their favorite celebs & makeup bloggers is crazy. We all want to have exclusive, insider knowledge as to how their makeup looks so damn good! (Tell me your secrets now! Grrrr!)

Then you fall into the trap of thinking there is no way your makeup could look so good.

"Oh, it must just be their perfect features."

(The secret to looking like celebrities isn’t their perfect features – let’s be honest…we’ve seen celebrities without make up.)

"It's just their perfect skin...I don't have that."

And you think that forever, you'll just be doomed with your plain Jane makeup.

Time to cuddle up into a ball in the corner of the room and sulk, right?

Well no...and that's why you're here on this page, because you're hoping to find a solution on how you can achieve superb flawless makeup also, so you too can be a show stopper and people can start drooling over your makeup.

You'll be pleased to know...there is a solution.


Ok ok...this is a makeup-artist, universally agreed on 'must-have' tool.

All makeup artists will tell you that you HAVE to have this...it's absolutely non-negotiable.

The quality of makeup you use is important, but it's the way you apply it that makes all the difference.

It's as if you tried to get Leonardo da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa with his fingers. Ha! Yeah right!

You cannot get the detail, precision and high quality painting without the precious tools, which are...yup! You guessed it!

pin up passion makeup brush setsMakeup Brushes...

Now, BEFORE you start freaking out over:

A) Way too complicated to understand how to use them

B) The outrageous cost of one brush, let alone a whole set which is really needed to achieve kick ass makeup...

Stay with me...I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by what you read below.

You may not understand the importance of makeup brushes, because perhaps you've used one brush set your whole life, or you haven't used any at all.

But it's a case of 'once you start, you won't be able to go back'.

Applying makeup actually becomes fun with the right tools, because it's as though every morning, you're off to art school...and as an extra bonus...your art turns out beautiful and you can be super proud of it.

Make your friends mega jealous ;)

If you're still skeptical...do you honestly think that Dita Von Teese slaps on her makeup with her hands or uses one brush to do all her makeup?

Do you actually for a second believe that Micheline Pitt - the eyebrow guru, would use her fingers to create the perfect, thick, smouldering Goddess eyebrows?


I think we can rest that case now as to whether makeup brushes are really necessary.

Now I want to address your second concern which might stop you from getting your hands on a makeup brush set...which in turn will completely alter your makeup application and furthermore, lift your self-esteem by 100000000% - true statistic ;)

pin up passion makeup brush setsTrust me...that's exactly what happened to me.

Your concern of the outrageously high cost of makeup brushes...

If you've ever looked at makeup brushes, you might have been overwhelmed by the cost of just one brush, ranging from $30-$200 a piece. WHAT!?

Absolutely ridiculous.

And then you see the cheaper options on the market and assume that they can't be any good.

That's where the Pin Up Passion 11pc Makeup Brush Set comes into play.

You see...

I used to be very poor when I was young.
And I couldn't afford good quality, pretty things...

So now that I have the chance to create amazing high quality products, I wanted to make sure I made them SUPER affordable, so nobody would have to feel excluded and could look just as good as those with $$$.

So even though, everyday I'm told I should raise the cost of the Pin Up Passion Makeup Brush Sets, I refuse.

Let me run you through what comes part of the 11pc Makeup Brush Set

Have a seat...this might take a while:

  • 11 Make Up Brushes Tailored Specifically For The Pin Up Look

  • Private & Exclusive Online Tutorials On How To Use Each Brush Properly - no questions are left unanswered, so you can get the most out of your brush set (Valued at $195)

  • Eco Friendly – the handles are made of bamboo, saving our precious rainforests

  • Cruelty Free - Vegan leather cylinder and synthetic bristles, to keep the goats and other animals smiling

  • High quality and long lasting – saves you money and time as you won’t have to replace them for years and it also keeps the environment happy

  • Luxurious packaging – eye candy is a necessity after all

  • Sturdy make up brush case – great for storage and travel

  • The bristles are extremely soft and well secured so they won’t be falling out any time soon

  • Buy from a trusted seller – The company was been established in 2011 with hundreds of thousands of regular clients. Browse this website and the Facebook page to see for yourself!

  • These 11 brushes were chosen specifically after consulting with a professional makeup artist - These 11 brushes are the 'must-haves' in your makeup kit. No more, no less for your needs as an every day glamour vixen.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

    From $57.99 to now just $40 World Wide.

    USA - Click here to securely purchase your own set through Amazon

    Rest of World (sold out)

    FREE exclusive step-by-step instructional videos included in your purchase! (Valued at $195)

    I could not possibly provide you with these makeup brushes and not have any instructions on how to use each of these brushes.

    I mean seriously...that would go against everything that I'm aiming to achieve here.

    I want to level out the playing field for women. Meaning - that I don't want any woman to think she's not as beautiful as another, purely because her makeup skills aren't as good.

    Hence why I have created 12 easy to follow videos on how to use each and every single brush that is part of the kit. You also get a video on how to look after your brushes best so you can extend the life of your brushes for years to come.

    Just Some of the Raving Reviews of the Pin Up Passion Makeup Brush Sets:

    (View more 5 star reviews on Amazon.com by clicking here)

    pin up passion makeup brush sets30 day money back guarantee!

    If these brushes aren’t what you expected and they don’t meet your expectations, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

    There are no other make up brushes on the market of this quality and design for such a ridiculously affordable price.

    (PS. These brushes have now been selling for over a year and no one has ever requested the money back, but this guarantee is here for your peace of mind anyway).

    These won't last!

    I could make up a lie, and say there are only 12 of these sets available at this price, so buy now!

    But the actual truth is that we just received our last delivery of these brushes and once they sell out...that's it! These makeup brushes will cease to exist, except for all the lucky ladies that got their hands onto the brushes prior.

    Here is your chance to get your hands on these luxurious, high quality cruelty free & eco friendly brushes before they are gone.

    From $57.99 to now just $40 World Wide.

    USA - Click here to securely purchase your own set through Amazon

    Rest of World (sold out)

    PS. The one and only Cherry Dollface just couldn't get enough of the makeup brush sets, so she is now selling these sets in her makeup classes held weekly in the USA!

    If it's good enough for the best of the best in the pin up world...you know you're in good hands ;)

    Sorelle Amore
    Founder & Director of PinUpPassion.com
    "I Believe...Every Woman Is A Goddess"



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What The Pin Up Celebrities Have To Say About The Pin Up Passion 11pc Makeup Brush Set

pin up passion makeup brush set

"Super stoked on my new sets of cruelty free brushes by Pin Up Passion!!! If you've been to my [makeup] classes, I use a lot of these...These are seriously the best brushes. Thanks Sorelle!!”

- The Cherry Dollface
(260k+ Facebook Fans)
pin up passion makeup brush set

"Pin Up Perfection in Application! Women want a product that works and looks beautiful. These brushes not only work flawlessly, feel beautiful, do the job and look amazing doing it! I give it a pinup thumbs up!”

- The Vintage Doll
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pin up passion makeup brush set

"OMG I love these brushes from Pin Up Passion. The eyebrow brush is seriously amazing...I 100% recommend these to beginners and professionals. 11 piece brush set in a hard case with "Pin Up Passion" embossed on each brush and the case."

- Kat Creasey from My Little Rockabilly
(40k Facebook Fans)

pin up passion makeup brush set

"I was amazed to see just how great they are. They are really exceptional, and their quality far outweighs that of all the brushes I currently own."

- Lady Lace
(Burlesque Artist/Pinup Makeup Instructor)

- - - - -

"All the brushes are truly amazing!...A Great price and investment for 11 brushes, you can easily pay the same amount for a single brush...No more itchy, scratchy brushes that leave bristles stuck to your face!"

- Chas from Gwynnies Emporium
(Online Specialty Pin Up Store)

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Best makeup brushes

"Best brushes, a rare manufacturer who wants you to get the most out of your product."

- Marcianna S through Amazon.com

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Her reviews and opinion in summary it is the best personal gift I given her in a long time

"I bought them for my vegan daughter who lives in Germany. Her reviews and opinion in summary it is the best personal gift I given her in a long time. She likes them better than applying her make up with a sponge and are easy to clean. Long term $$$$ savings"

- Ana R. through Amazon.com

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Worth Every Penny

"I'm in love with these brushes! The brushes themselves are soooo soft, and pick up product easily. I've had no problems while using them. Also, the box and the storage tumbler are both sweet and attractive. As of right now, I have nothing negative to say about this set."

- M. Bearpaw through Amazon.com

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Love it

"I am super glad that I bought these, I needed some new make up brushes and this is something I can see myself using for a long time. Shipping was quick and in a timely manner. If you are thinking about these don't wait, these are probably the best brushes I have ever owned."

- Mercedes Perkins through Amazon.com

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"I have been needing new brushes for awhile. I have a very large brush collection for my special effects makeup but really needed a small set for traveling with my personal makeup. These are perfect the case is wonderful and unique and the brushes are high quality. Upon receiving the brushes(delivered quickly) they also sent links to tutorials on how to use each brush properly which is really neat. I look forward to using my new brushes often."

- Shanna Strange through Amazon.com