How To Prepare For A Photoshoot you've booked in for your first pin up you ask:

"How To Prepare For A Photoshoot?!"

Don't freak out...relax. Sorelle is here to help :)

Here are some valuable insights I gained after completing my first photoshoot a while back, into what will help you get the best results and seem kind of normal and not too nervous on the first shoot.

7 Tips on How To Prepare For A Photoshoot

1. Research

Yep...simple but effective.

2 things you should browse for:

  • Potential Photographers

    Search through the Pin Up Photographers directory here

    You need to find a photographer that you like. Their style needs to match your personality. It's like choosing a pair of shoes...they have to suit you.

    Obviously the more expensive photographers will produce better results and I can honestly say it's worth paying extra if you can.

    The good photographers know what they are doing and they will make you feel comfortable and guide you to achieve the best poses.

    It's just worth it. And then you will feel like getting more photoshoots because you'll realize how great you look.

    The less expensive and clearly lesser experienced photographers may discourage you from getting more.

    And also...if this is the first and last photoshoot you're planning on...splurge. You might as well have the best pictures if they are the only ones.

  • Browse...

    ...Looking through pin up pictures and paintings to help you decide what's your favourite style (background, theme - cute/sexy/edgy/fun).

2. Facial Expressions

For the first photoshoot I would stick with the simple facial expressions.

If you notice, most famous pin up models chose from these 3 different facial expressions.

1. Sultry and Sexy (most of this is done with the eyes)

2. Fun and cute (laughing, smiling)

3. Glamorous (pretty neutral with hints of a super high class lady throughout - either with the eyes or extended neck)

I strongly recommend staying away from the surprised look on your first photoshoot. They look great in paintings...not in real life.

Not many people can pull them off...even though you may think you do by practising in the mirror. It comes out differently in photos.

3. Poses

Browse through pictures of pin up models, not the paintings and see what poses you like.

You shouldn't try to copy the paintings because although they are beautiful, they are still paintings. Achieving the exact same pose and facial expression is tough.

It's easier copying actual model picture poses.

Also, stick to simple poses on your first photoshoot.

Check out my poses I did here - veeeery simple: Sorelle's First Photoshoot Photos

4. Communicate with the photographer

They need to know what you want and you need to know what they need.

The photographer generally guides you through the whole process, but if you have a certain look you reeeaaallly want - tell them. They can't read your mind.

Also find out who's doing the make up, hair and who is providing the wardrobe.

You might have to do it all or some or maybe the photographer will do it all for you.

I recommend the option of the leaving all of it up to the pro (if you're not). It makes a WORLD of difference to the final photos and you'll feel and look like a queen with the perfect make up and hair...(totally recommend going out to party afterwards if you can to show off your glamorous self).

5. Have fun

Think about's your first photoshoot! You only get to do your first photoshoot once so have fun!

Get excited about researching the clothes, poses, hair styles you like.

On the day...crank up some fun music on the way there and dance around in your room - psych yourself up a little.

The best thing my photographer - Shanna from Sassy Studios did for me, was turn up some fun music on the day and actually dance around with me.

Her being so carefree helped me a lot!

Note to all the photographer - if you're nervous...the models get nervous, so chill out :)

6. Beauty Preparation

Bumpy skin, cellulite, dry skin, oily skin - all of these things will impact the final look of your photos.

Take care of your skin.

If you want to really reduce all of those yukki skin problems, all over your body - use the Baiden Mitten. Skin on your face and body - all sorted.

Check out more about the Baiden Mitten by clicking here

Secondly, do your nails - if you're having up close photos with your hands showing - get them done professionally for sure.

If the photos aren't close up with your face and/or hands - you can get away with doing your nails yourself.

But go for the RED nail polish. It looks perfect for a pin up.

7. Your Nerves and What To Do About Them

The will probably start off quite average, stiff and nervous.

It won't be pretty and you could be embarrassed or just accept that these photographers have seen first timers before and they really don't care.

The more awkward you become about it, the worse it is for you and your nerves.

So just relax and have fun as soon as you can.

Hope these tips have helped out a little for your prep for the first shoot.

Once you're done your first shoot - please post up some pictures on the Pin Up Passion Facebook page...I'd love to see them!

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