Victoria Sweetheart

by Victoria Sweetheart
(Victoria, Texas, United States)

Ahhhh spring is here!

Ahhhh spring is here!

Hey there all you b-e-a-utiful cats and dolls. Victoria Sweetheart here, coming in to pinup passion to let you know a little about myself. Well where do I start, I am not your average girl next door, well I must say I've never been. I always loved being different than everyone else. So now I lived up to that, tattooed and a pinup model not what my family and friends thought I'd be doing. But I love it, it is me and it helps me express who I am without using words. So why did I become a pinup model? I have always loved the vintage culture. So back in 2007 I pinuped my hair, drew on some heavy black eyeliner and threw on my bright red lipstick, took out my camera and shot away! I loved the look instantly. But it wasn't until this past September that I really pursued my dream of being a pinup model. I entered a 52 pinup playing card contest. To my dissappoinment I was informed by Hometown Pinup that the contest had ended. MMMM, "sad face", :-(. Well the owner to Hometown Pinup emailed me back and asked if I would like to be in the pinup of the month contest, I said sure why not. It was worth a try, so I sent off 3 more of my selfshot pinup photos and BOOM, her response was, she loved my photos and asked me to be one of her Hometown Pinup Dolls, and there Victoria Sweetheart was born! So that is my little ol' story on who I am and why I became a pinup model. Hope you gorgeous people enjoyed, and keep a lookout because you will be seeing alot of me from now on. xoxo ;)

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