Teasie Marie

by Ashley Thompson
(Murrieta, CA, USA)


My name Ashley also known as Teasie Marie and some of my first memories of the pin up "era" are with my great uncle Nino Lolo who passed about 4 years ago. He lived in a little trailer that looked like we we're still in the 50's.

He'd be waiting for us to visit him with his radio not more than an arms reach away playing his favorite swing and jazz songs like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong telling stores of his day as a musician and what it was like back in the day.

Vintage pin up girls were always posted on his old fridge so some of my fondest memories are enjoying the music of the past, marveling at how wonderful the girls must have looked like in person from the devilish hair to their blood red lipstick.

Not until recently did i actually have the opportunity to be dolled up like the girls from my memories. My very good friend Jami Clark who i had not seen in a year was picture perfect in pin up and i was amazed. From that moment i knew i needed to try out this old school look.

We got together and the transformation was made. When i first looked at my thick curls, thick liner and deep red lips it was a blast from the past. The music from my Nino Lolo's radio played in my ears and brought back those lovely memories.

I have a huge respect for the people who pin up everyday. its hard work but you bring back an era that was truly incredible, and won't be forgotten just like the memory of my Lolo.

i say a big thank you to Jami Clark for giving me a chance to become apart of that world i had always imagined and i definitely want to continue dressing pin up!


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Ashley's always been beautiful
by: Anonymous

Ashley, how random for me to come across this page. You look beautiful, but you've always looked beautiful no matter what you were wearing.
I like their play on words here with "pin-up". You do realize the term actually refers to the fact that the men would tear the pictures of these women out of magazines and pin them up on their walls so they could stare at them? Stare at them in their auto repair shops, or hardware store, their personal garage at home, men's locker room, the barber shop. Military men would tape them in the cockpit of their plane where they could see them, or tank drivers and others would place them where ever they'd be.
If you go into Temecula, there is a pottery place on Main St off of Front St just past the Mexican eatery called "The Bank". The owner sells beautiful pots and other outdoor ceramics but seems a little clueless that some of his 'pinups' might be a bit offensive. When you step up to pay for your items at his counter, you are confronted with the infomous Marilyn Monroe Playboy centerfold, in all it's glory. Not fit be out in the open without warning. Not in a place where children of all ages can view it, etc.
But this is where the true term 'pinup' came from. I do love the play on words here. Very clever.
Again, Ashley, you look beautiful. Great to see you. I miss you much! I hope you and your family are well.
Barbara Kennedy

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