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Girls just wanna have fun

Girls just wanna have fun

If I think back to being a small child I've always had a LOVE for Marilyn Monroe and all people and things pin up so much. My parents used to joke about how I was an old soul and must have have lived in that era.

Two years ago I started a weight loss journey that changed my whole perspective on what I thought was "skinny" or "Fit" should look like... Yeah I was a chubby child and in my teen years I put some more weight on but I didn't care because hell Marilyn was a size 14 and my body didn't make me who I was, but as I got older it wasn't my attitude about my weight that had to change it was doctor telling me that if I didn't drop the weight I'd become a diabetic by the time I was 25.

So I went to work and learned how to eat clean and tried exercises that appealed to me. At first I thought okay I could rock skinny but the more I thought about it I hated the way "Fashion Models" looked. Scratch that thought I didn't want to be skinny I needed to be healthy not skinny.

So two years later and 90 pounds gone I love every Lump ,bump and voluptuous curve that I have. I'm not a size zero and I'm proud of that, I eat chocolate and love every bite, I work out so my body can function not because Cosmo says I have to be a certain size.

Being a Pin Up Model portrays a woman's beauty and I love how empowering that is.

Marilyn empowers women all over the world even though she's left this world and maybe that's why I've always had a love for her and perhaps she is the reason why I was able to do what I did with confidence and pride and that's why I want to do Pin up, I want to give the same empowerment Marilyn gave me during my time of obstacles.

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