Simmi De Luxe

by Simone DeYong
(Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

MUAH Simone DeYong, Photographer Brisbane Pinup

MUAH Simone DeYong, Photographer Brisbane Pinup

Im a rockabilly loving wife and mother of 4 with aspirations of combining my cake decorating business and my crafting skills into becoming this generations Martha Stewart.

I started pin up as a way to give myself back the sensual feminity that was lost after having my 4th child and I haven't felt like a dowdy housewife since!

Rockabilly Pin Up is my everyday style whether I'm grocery shopping or picking my kids up from school, and I'm always complimented on how classy I look wherever I go as it's a nice change in comparison to the skimpy rags of clothing many girls choose these days.

Pinup modelling is empowering, there isn't a prouder moment then when you see yourself as beautiful as you feel inside.

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