Shurlee Sweet

by Shurlee Sweet
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I started getting into the pinup style at a very young age. My grandmother is a huge fan of Elvis Presley ( naturally as am I) and my mother always had us watching classic films, and I always admired the classy, sophisticated, glamorous look these gorgeous women had. I remember as a young girl I would always want to resemble them in any way I can because I thought they were the meaning of beauty. Now not only do I see it as beauty but I see it as beauty of all shapes and sizes which I love. This style does not come in a size zero and height of 5'7 and up. It’s for everyone to have a chance to be glamorous and feel beautiful and I think that's why I made the choice to take that extra bit of my time every day, not for anyone else but myself, to make sure I put myself together, resembling the women of the past as much as I can, to make myself feel a little more confident every day. Then it went from doing it just every day to help with my confidence to wanting to share it with others and possibly help other girls, like myself, realize pin up doesn’t mean being perfect or fitting into today’s standards of beauty but it’s about being confident and happy with yourself.

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