Nikki Doll

by Nikki Doll

Hello gals and guys,my name is Nikki Doll and i am a 25 year old pinup model from the city of Philadelphia.Im a hard working and passionate artist,i have done burlesque and modeled pinup for a few years now.I have been threw hell and back to get where i am today from being homeless to being bullied most of my life.Pinup modeling to me is my escape from my pain in way.A way to get this great sense of confidence and feel beautiful for once in my life.I have always been a fan of old Hollywood scarlet's and pinup models since i was a little girl,growing up around my grandparents who in would sit for hours and watch old films with.Seeing this stunning and classy woman made me admire them and want to capture that look.Im a horror loving street punk with a retro twist or what i would call my style/fashion.I make alot of my own clothes and like to make my own rules when it comes to fashion.Long story short i want to help my confidence and make a name for myself in the scene and i want to inspire and help others who have been bullied or made to feel awkward overcome that feeling of self hate.:)

If interested in seeing more of my work please check me out on facebook and instagram:



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