Monica Loren

photo/set design: Bombshell Pin-Ups  MUAH:Bombshell Mandy

photo/set design: Bombshell Pin-Ups MUAH:Bombshell Mandy

Hi, I'm Monica Loren...

I have always felt like an old soul and magnetically drawn to the Pinup culture...

Pin-Up is an art form...

Each picture captures the magic of a mood and a moment, and sometimes tells you a story Pin up is strong, glamorous, sexy, dramatic and animated.

What makes it so powerful is its playful sensuality. Pin up Art hints and winks at provocative. The best pictures come to life...

I live for classic film, vintage clothing and jewelry I love Ziegfeld Follies and icons such as Josephine Baker, Jayne Mansfield, Bettie Page and Marlene Dietrich. Art by legends such as Gil Elvgren, George Petty,Dan Decarlo, Bill Ward, and Jim Silke.

I love to go to Comic shops and discover Pinup art books and magazines.

Vintage pinup is classic sassy and sultry where modern pinup adds rock and roll edginess. With pin up becoming more popular the elements are becoming more mixed and diverse and the most unique images are emerging.

I’m so happy that glamour is making a comeback.

It’s empowering to the feminine spirit and female image.

Pinup has character and panache. I am proud to be a part of this culture and create this alluring and feminine art form. ..there's more to be done and accomplished...I'm just getting started


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