Mollie Melodie

by Alexis Aschenbach
(Spokane, WA, USA)

Well hey there.
My name is Mollie. I have been modeling for almost two years now. I started off doing fashion shows, then my coach told me how much I had the look of a Pin-up model. So I went home that night and did as much research as I could just to see who I could be. They started me off and it was almost like I was born to be a Pin-up. I modeled my heart out doing faces in a mirror just to practice. Then before bed every single night posing the correct way. Toes pointed, curved back, and chin up. I practiced for days so I could be the model I am today. Now I model for Stina Rae Photography, where we work together to get the images we want. Pin-up took me from a girl to a women. It also helped me be comfortable with my weight. I once looked in the mirror and wanted to be smaller, thinner, but now i see a strong beautiful woman, ready to walk out the door and take anything the worlds got to throw at me.

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