Missie L'Amour

by Kat Flesfader
(Launceston, Tas, Australia)

Photo by Lucas Photographics

Photo by Lucas Photographics

My name is Missie L'Amour and I have always been seduced by the glamour, music
and lifestyle of an era when a milkshake cost 20 cents, curves were adored and
songs were sung from the heart.

I love: Shiny, Vintage, Pretty things, my kitten, my man and my hot rollers.

In my spare time you’ll find me baking, sewing, and re-arranging my wall-birds.

I can't catch a ball, change a tire, or reach the top shelf (that's what boys
are for) but I sure can sing, bake a cake (with my 50's Mixmaster) and fill out a bra.

I live the 50's pinup-housewife dream each and every day, and I'm very proud
and peachy keen to be a Va Va Voomalicious Vixen!

Mwah! ♥

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