Merry Handful

when i was a little girl, we didnt have a cable box. i did however, have a TON of old films n shows. we even had some tapes of a few old school cartoons. a few of my favorites were, little lulu...whom i always fancied myself to be, as i, like her, had freckles on my chin, and i was not so often out of trouble as that, i was in, and betty boop! i had a tape of betty in blunderland i just couldnt get enough of...but you see, when i was little, i imagined having lucy ricardo's hair color. And lina lamont's voice...not to be confused with jean hagen who played the character lina, but no..the actual character, lina's, voice! and of course, i was going to be married to elvis presley! that's how i pictured myself when i grew it is, i wound more of a katherine hepburn meets marilyn monroe type...and someone finally told me elvis was dead which put a bit of a damper on things there haha. i grew up with the classics with complete absence of the modern media. pinup...and burlesque, were things i fell in love a little later in high school. when i'd look at the classics (again not exposed to modern media) and all i could think is "i want to be beautiful just like them.." now i think i am!

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by: Erykah

Cute and sexy at the same time! A great shot for a beautiful model...hope to see more!

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