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Goldfield Ghost town Apache Junction AZ Tom Grimes Photography

Goldfield Ghost town Apache Junction AZ Tom Grimes Photography

I became a "pin-up" because I love vintage style and culture. WWII era is my favorite era and I feel it bred one of the best generations of people. As a Army wife I have a special place in my heart for American/military history and style. While my husband was deployed to Afghanistan I enjoyed showing my support and pride by dressing up and working with various groups who raised money to send care packages to service men and women deployed to war zones overseas. I always put a high emphasis on history, art and education in my endeavors.

I'm an all American girl who grew up loving the outdoors. I consider a good time to be tromping the woods and beaches, meeting new people, playing with my family, watching sci-fi with my husband, sipping wine by the fireplace, singing around my house all the time and creating just about any kind of art I can!

I'm a stay at home Army wife, mother of two, commission Artist & Pin up/alternative model in Oregon.
"Always classy, never trashy, sometimes sassy and a little smart assy!" is my motto!

<3 Maiden America

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