Lucy Lovesick

Jim Hagen Photography

My name is Lucy Lovesick, Kitchener, Ontario's resident pin up princess.

Despite the fact that my real pin up modelling career is very young, I have been styling myself in the pin up uniform for years now. I don't know how I survived before cat eyes and red lipstick. As with most cases of pin up passion, my inspiration started with Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. I have styled my hair and make up just like them in past years, before I found my own true pin up look. Sure, they were inspiration to me and I loved those pin up girls; but why try and be like them when I can create a new pin up sensation out of myself, right? So that is what I did. The product of my self establishment in the pin up world is portrayed in the attached images. I hope you all enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed being in them.

Lucy Lovesick .xo

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