LaLa Whiskey

by Alyssa Alig
(Stafford, VA, USA)

A little

A little

A little Red is the color of passion. new york, new york..


I'm LaLa Whiskey.

I'm a fun, flirtatious, fancy, and free hairstylist and cosmetic artist, tattoo enthusiast, beauty activist, and a strong, classy woman.

I suppose I didn't really "decide" to become a pin-up, it just sort of.. happened. I love everything about the style, the class and confidence it exudes, the shapes of the women from that era, the sexiness and the statuesque qualities they all seemed to posses. I modeled my style after those women I had seen pictures of from my grandmothers' time, admiring them and desiring to be so strong and beautiful.

I played with makeup, hair, and my wardrobe to tweak the portions I felt comfortable in, as well as what accentuated my features. And ta da! Pin up, I became. Now I dabble in a bit of modeling, alternative and otherwise.

And it would be the highest honor to be recognized as such :]

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