I'm what you'd call a "vintage snob", and I am not the Pin-Up World's friend. I pride myself on being the Real Deal. I have no tattoos because pin-ups, and kept women of the WW2 Era in general, DID NOT have tattoos.

I love tattoos (and all body modification, truly, I do), but they don't belong in a world where beauty is in authenticity.

As you may have already sensed, I'm not very taken with the psychobilly scene and how it's invaded pin-up photography and fashion. Really? A pink mini-dress covered in zombie unicorns? This is passing for 'pin-up' now? Loud, deviant, modern styles are a plague to the traditional beauty and subtlety that makes classic pin-ups so seductive.

They are called "the good'ole days" for a reason: because nothing that is around now, was around then. I would definitely rather see a genuine, true-to-the-time vintage lady than one of these dime-a-dozen "Modern Pin Ups" flooding the market these days.

While some may argue that it is unfair to judge, or leave no room for, creative expression I feel that the world of pin-up has become too lenient in it's definition of beauty and glamour. But that's another rant for another time...As an underwear connoisseur, most of my undergarments are true vintage, unless I made them myself.

I've had some photoshoots here and there, and I'm a really easy model to work with as long as you can show you're a professional and you know what you're doing. I'll post more photos - professional ones -once they are printed. Enjoy.

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