Dorothy Von Fink

(Santa Cruz, ca)

Photo by JRG Photography

Photo by JRG Photography

Hi there! I'm Dorothy Von Fink, your modern, internationally published, pinup girl. I became a pinup girl because I wanted to build my confidence, self esteem and get into a hobby I could have fun with. I also wanted to show people that no matter your body type, you should always feel good about yourself. I started about 7 years ago doing a photo shoot here and there but really became submersed into doing pinup pictures consistently about 5 years ago. I have always had a passion for the classic styles of the 40's and 50's. Weather I was watching classic films or seeing the way my grandma was, I always knew that I wanted to emulate that style it was on a daily basis or doing a shoot. The more shooting I do, the more fun I have. Each time I shoot I give it my all! I always want my pictures to be remembered for being classy, with a touch of sexiness. My goal is to inspire and encourage other ladies to give it a try!! Xoxo

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