CarlaLune Harlow

by Carla Mercado Luna
(San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA Territory)

Hello! My name is Carla. I am 24 years old and I do Pin Up modeling in the lovely Island of Puerto Rico. I've been obsessed with the vintage life style since I have mind of my own (at very young age) and being a kid I already was a fan of 50's movies, actors, actresses, Marilyn, and Gil Elvgren's art.

I love drawing and painting and I'm studying and preparing to become a professional pilot. I love airplanes and love navigation.

I am a hard worker and on my free time I enjoy spending it with my husband, friends, and doing Pin Up photo shoots. I always look forward on getting better, adquire experience, and trying new things.

I love to adventure and do tourism; enjoy nature; all that can inspire and make me stronger and wiser.

Thank You for reading!
-CarlaLuneHarlow <3

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