Learning more about this timeless lingerie piece...


Corsets are a part of Pin Up lingerie and this is a garment worn in order to hold and shape the torso to create the illusion of a petite waist and beautiful hips - an hourglass shaped figure which is most appealing.

There are indeed a whole lot of misconceptions about this piece of garment - many saying that it's dangerous and should not be partaken in.

We got in an expert on this topic to tell us how she got into it and what research is necessary prior to beginning.

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Back to it...

The beginning of the this lingerie piece...

corsets The word “corset” is derived from the Old French Word corps and the diminutive of body, which itself derives from corpus which is Latin for body.

It has been attributed by Catherine de' Medici, the wife of King Henry II of France.

Interestingly, she enforced a ban on thick waists at court attendance during the 1550s.

For almost 350 years, the primary means of support for women was this lingerie piece made of whalebone or metal. A little bit crazy!

Changes these lingerie pieces went through...

Thankfully, this garment has undergone a lot of changes since the beginning days to adapt more to the modern women.

That means more comfort and better materials.

Originally, in the early 16th century, it was a simple bodice with tabs at the waist, stiffened by horn, buckram, and whalebone.

The center at the front was reinforced by a busk made of ivory, wood or metal.

It was usually laced from the back, and was at first, a garment reserved for the aristocracy.

"Stays" (ie. the corset) took a different form in the 18th century when whalebone was used more and there was more boning used in the garment.

The shape of the stays changed as well. They were low and wide in the front while at the back, they could reach high as the upper shoulder. It had the option to be strapless or to use shoulder straps.

Today they come in many, many different shapes and colors. Short, long, bright pink, black, dark blue, made of leather, made of plastic or other synthetic materials.

The most common use for this lingerie piece...

The main use of it is to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette.

It helps emphasize the curvy figure of a woman by reducing the waist and exaggerating the bust and hips.

Just don't forget to breathe okay!? :)

Different Types of This Lingerie Piece

Over Bust Corset

This type encloses the torso extending from just under the arms to the hips.


Under Bust Corset

This begins just under the breasts and extends down to the hips.


Waist Cincher...


This is another type which is shorter and covers the waist area from low on the ribs to just above the hips.

This is very similar to an under bust piece, except it has more room for movement.

A little more comfortable for everyday wear!

This lingerie piece can be spiced up by adding garters and hold up stockings. An instant way to make you feel sexy.

A lot of pin up models today wear them on their photo shoots or when they were being drawn by famous artists.

There is something about these pieces, its timeless beauty and the way it emphasizes the curves of the body.

Just the sight of it can take you back to the 1550's when in all started.

It's like a blast from the past.

What is your favorite type of corset and what brands do you swear by?

Please share below. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Lover of all pin ups,
Sorelle <3

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