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My corset training story...

If you told my 16-year-old self that I would be actively modelling and wearing tight corsets now, I would have laughed it off.

However, that is what I am doing today, modelling and waist training.

Believe it or not, I am not one who wears corsets 24/7 like Guinness World Record holder Cathie Jung and her predecessor, Ethel Granger.

I wear my corsets on-and-off every other day, 8-12 hours each time.

I got into corset training for 3 reasons:

  • Vanity (I have a naturally boyish figure)
  • Fashion (corsets come in so many pretty designs!)
  • Shock Value/Novelty (I like making heads turn)

Everyone else might have their own reasons but those were mine.

Today, I stick with corsetry for even more. Admiring models such as Jade Vixen, Dena Massque and Miss Mosh, all of whom lace down smaller than 18”, I plan to reduce my waist size as a form of sport and life goal.

Additionally, I enjoy covering a niche market as not many models from where I am do what I do.

I dressed up as Bettie Page at a local Comic Convention where I wore a ribbon corset at 21” and boy, it grabbed way more attention than I thought! 150+ business cards and a couple of “petting zoo” moments later, I just realized how little the mainstream crowd know of corseting.

These days I tend to have “auto-responses” to certain questions.corset training

“How do you breathe?” I point out the location of my lungs.

“Can you eat?” I explain that I had a full plate of rice with fried chicken once while laced at 22”. I chewed and chewed and chewed. It helps. A LOT.

“What happens to your organs when you do that?” They move. Like they do when you poop. Or get pregnant. Or do yoga.

I usually have several resources that I often refer to for tips & advice on corsetry.

And sometimes I even learn by my own mistakes. It’s essential to be careful at all times but sometimes you get all caught up especially when you’re enjoying yourself!

Those resources are as follows:
    •    Lucy’s Corsetry (on Facebook & Youtube)
    •    Staylace’s Medical Section
    •    Romantasy (FAQ & health matters)
    •    Fran’s Writings on Tightlacing

corset training
It's also good to chat with other corset wearers via Livejournal or Facebook for more opinions real time.

Some things the beginner should keep in mind: nothing happens overnight.

After you get your first corset (essentially a made to measure one or a standard sized one that has close measurements to yours), try cinching down 1”-2” first for the first two weeks.

This process of breaking-in or seasoning has to be done with every new corset to prevent ripping and tearing, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or have been corseting for decades.

After that, make sure you’re lacing down comfortably, if it hurts, it’s no good.corset training

I personally prefer made to measure corsetry for waist training purposes as it’s safer and more comfortable.

If you compare my first corset (one of the cheapest steel boned off-the-rack corsets available out there) versus my first made-to-measure, you can see the huge difference in silhouette despite both being 24” corsets.

Corsetry, in my opinion, is a form of body modification, much like tattoos & piercings.

Therefore, it is essential for you to do as much research as you can on the topic.

It’s a long term learning process; we learn new things every day.

You may ask me more questions via the following links:

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<3 Kath Katastrophy

corset training

Photography: Photos By MeL'z, Dedy Andrianto, Mei-fern Chong

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