why not just use any mitten?

by celeste

Q: how is this mitten any different from other scrubbing mittens you can buy in a store for WAY less than that?

A: Hi Celeste,
This mitten doesn't even compare to any other mittens on the market. This isn't your standard mitten. It's a tool that is the equivalent of the beauty salon treatment of microdermabrasion.

At the salon, this treatment for the face alone is about $50-$70 at a time. This mitten covers your whole body and your face, lasts about 18 months, is under $50 and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

If you're not familiar, the microdermabrasion process is where the top layer of dead skin is scrubbed off from the body (which comes off in thick layers), revealing glowing, new, youthful skin underneath.

It helps to fight signs of ageing, reduces acne scars and stretch marks, removes dead, cracked skin, improves blood flow and more.

So it's definitively not your standard mitten that can be bought for cheap.

It's a top quality product and thousands of women rave about it...as do I! :)

If you would like to purchase and find out more about the mitten, here is the link: www.PinUpSkin.com

Hope this helps!


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