Why does my mitten smell so gross?

Q: I washed my mitten with soap and water to clean it, but its had this moldy smell ever since! I even tried drying it in the window to see if the fresh air would help, but I can't get it to stop smelling moldy. Is there anything else I can wash it with?

A: Hey! Thanks so much for the question.

So that smell comes from basically not allowing it to dry properly - just like any material if it's left damn, it will smell a bit bad.

Here are some ways to rid of the smell:

√ Dry it out in direct sun
√ Rinse in salt water
√ Microwave it for a short while after rinsing in salt water (someone just suggested this yesterday to me so I can't advise exactly how this is done - but I suggest you don't leave it in there for too long).

Try these out and see how you go!

It may take a couple of goes to get the smell out :)


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