What makes it worth $50?

by April

Q: Hi, this product sounds just like a Kese glove they use in turkish baths which is also made from tree bark and is used for exactly the same things, looks exactly the same too, and I can pick them up on ebay for around $5, what makes this mitt different from them?

A: I have personally tried both of them as I wanted to know this difference as well. I found that I wasn't able to scrub as hard with the Kese glove as it would break my skin, where as with the mitten I could easily scrub my eyelids and lips without breaking skin. So the results were better for me and it was actually a nicer sensation with the Baiden Mitten, as it wasn't scratching me.

Personal experience of course, but this is why it's worth more in my eyes.

Hope this helps!

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