What is the difference between this mitten and an Italy towel?

by Sartah
(New Zealand)

Q: What is the difference between this mitten and an Italy towel?

A: Hi there.

Thanks so much for your question.

Ok so we have had a few of these questions before so we personally tried the Italy towel to see the difference.

Ok so with the Baiden Mitten, the huge advantage of it is that you can scrub really hard all over your body without scratching. This helps get rid of a solid amount of dead skin and wash it away, revealing beautiful skin underneath.

The Baiden Mitten is specially woven to grip the dead layer of skin and roll it up into little clumps which assist in getting maximum results.

We found the Italy towel was a bit ouchie on the skin.

It was quite scratchy and didn't remove as much dead skin.

You also couldn't really use it on the face, and certainly not on the lips and eyelids which you can do with the mitten.

So all in all...we tried to venture off the Baiden Mitten path but we were brought back quite quickly :)

We hope this helps a little!

Let us know what you think if you decide to test both.

Here is the link again for purchase if you need: www.PinUpSkin.com

<3 Sorelle

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