What does it do for huge nose pores, acne, and kp??

by Mel
(California )

Q: I've got huge pores on and around my nose because I have oily skin there... does this help clear it up? And acne as well?? I also think I have kp.. they're like tiny little pimples on my hair volicles all over my body. Could it help with those??

A: Hey! Thanks for your question.

Ok so it will help close up your pores. I used to have a tone of blackheads and now...I have none and my pores are small.

It will certainly help out with KP as KP is just small hairs stuck under the skin, but the Baiden Mitten takes off the top layer of dead skin releasing the small hairs.

It doesn't however work on acne. We don't advise people to use this on acne as it can spread the bacteria. It will however clear up pores more and more overtime diminishing how much dirt is clogged underneath and minimising acne in some instances.

Hope this helps!

Here is the link again to purchase: www.PinUpSkin.com :)

<3 Sorelle

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