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The Beauty Detox Solution

the beauty detox solutionTHE BEAUTY DETOX SOLUTION: It all starts within...

I don't know about you, but I sure as heck am one of THE most skeptical people who probably walk this earth. I've told this embarrassing story previously, that I once didn't even believe fridges worked. A pile of rotten fruit and veggies later, I learnt to love the fridge.

It's hard to not be skeptical about 'beauty secrets' that are hyped up in the media today however, as it seems everyone is just trying to get that dollar out of you...so who do you trust?

I personally always like to stick with mother nature and when I heard that Dita Von Teese herself uses this method, I jumped straight onto the bandwagon (although my hippie, cutting edge mum has been telling me to do this for years)...

The solution is simple...Mother nature comes to the rescue.

the beauty detox solution

Green smoothies.

Now if you are one of those people that HATE anything too 'healthy' or you'd rather sulk at the table for 5 hours then to finish your veggies, just stop and bare with me.

I'll provide you with a few simple recipies that surprisingly taste very much like fruit juices! Yummi, yummi for my tummy!

And it's all in the name of beauty right?

Having just one green juice in the morning (even if you don't have any other veggies throughout the day), will make you feel and look great!

the beauty detox solutionFirst Things First

Ok...so we're making smoothies here, not juices...so you need to get yourself a blender and not a juice maker. If you juice your veggies, you destroy the fruit and vegetable fibres and turn your 'health kick potion' into a sugary drink. Not such a great start.

I picked up a 'Magic Bullet' for just $30 second hand off Gumtree (try eBay as an alternative). These bullets are so easy to use, small and you can drink straight from the cup you were blending in! Efficient!

The Ingredients

This is where it gets fun...you can pretty well put whatever fruit you like in this green smoothie, as long as you top it off with about a third of greens whether it be spinach, lettuce, celery or any other green leafy vegetables.

Here are some suggestions for the fruits and other ingredients you may want to use:

  • apples
  • pineapple
  • rockmelon
  • kiwi fruit
  • bananas!
  • passionfruit
  • ginger
  • carrot
  • beetroot
  • lemon

Blend Away!the beauty detox solution

Squish the fruit into your blender, add water into the remaining spaces so you're drinking a smoothie and not eating it and blend, blend, blend!

One of these juices a day will keep the collagen away!

Here is me with my first self-made green smoothie.


Have you got any other awesome green smoothie ingredients that are a must try? We'd love to hear them so please share below!

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