Sweet Pins Stockings Review

sweet pins stockings review

Sweet Pins Stockings Review By Sorelle Amore...

Well it's little secret that a girl needs an endless supply of pantyhose.

Especially pin up dolls.

It's the finishing touch on any outfit. The piece that brings everything together. The small piece of material that screams sophistication, class and beauty all in one - our favorite design being of course the back seamed stockings.

One line on the back of the legs which is somewhat of a tease - the stairway to heaven some may say.

I received a lovely package in the mail from Sweet Pins Stockings. An Australian company that imports fine pantyhose from Italy.

The first impressions were great. A neatly wrapped package in bright pink paper with a pink bow. Screams girly to me already. I like it.

The packaging is what really got my attention. Such simplicity and so chic.

But of course we know it's not the packaging that matters but what is inside.

The material of the pantyhose is light and I wasn't too sure if it would withstand me as I'm known to destroy most pieces of fragile clothing that come in sight. I blame it on my rough and tumble side :)

However when I put them on, I was pleasantly surprised that they felt sturdy.

It was even more reassuring that the toes and heels were double reinforced with nice black detail.

The feel of the stockings was very soft and they weren't too shiny or too matt. It was the perfect mix.

I very much love the detail on these stockings. You can see the love that has been put into them.

It goes all the way from the design of the heel, the perfectly straight back seam and at the top - a lovely surprise of a mini bow stitched on which falls just under the buttocks.

I attached them to my suspenders, put on my black heels and strolled around the house like I was queen bee.

Needless to say…the boyfriend also approves ;)

All in all, I'd give these stockings a close to perfect score. The quality, design and customer service out surpassed my explications.

Thank you Lidia.

And well done.

If you want your own pair of beautifully packaged, high quality stockings, check out the Sweet Pins Website by clicking here.

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