So many questions!

by April
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

Hey Sorelle! I'm back with more questions before I buy.

Q 1- Do I purchase the Baiden Mitten on the official site or do I use a link you have on Pin Up Passion? If the second option, where is the link located?

A: Hi! If you would like the 20 page free ebook on health and beauty tips then purchase from this page:, then email me on and I'll send you the book over.

Q 2- I kept reading and finding that many people asked for instructions for use. I was curious myself. I am the type of person to need step-by-step methods. My skin is important to me and I don't want to ruin it unnecessarily. I've watched your videos and am still lost. Which leads me to a set of questions in #3...

A: No worries...I'm all open for questions :)

Q 3- Do I wash my body with body wash first or after the Baiden Mitten scrub down?

A: Before you scrub to wash off dirt so you don't get your mitten too dirty and after wards to assist in removing the dead skin which will be on you.

Q: I use an exfoliating cloth to wash my body so should I stop?

If so, what do you recommend I switch to?

A: You don't have to. If you feel it's a bit too much scrubbing though, just use soap in between your weekly scrub with the mitten.

When after a while your skin gets used to the mitten, you can use the mitten to scrub lightly every day to help gently remove dirt from the pores. That will replace your exfoliating mitten all together.

A: I wash my face with an acne power scrub (because I'm still suffering from acne). Should I discontinue that too? I feel like if I still use it and the Baiden Mitten, I will aggravate my pores.

A: If you have active acne on your face, and a lot of it, I wouldn't use the mitten over the acne as it can aggravate it. If it's not too bad, you can scrub around the active acne and clean the pores in those areas which will prevent lots of the acne from returning.

Eventually you'll probably find you won't need the acne wash.

Q: As well, I use a non-oily daily moisturizer with SPF for my face (I have oily skin on my face). Sadly, since I have large pores, I sweat it all away. It always feels really thick but is an actually light formula. I'm curious if I should continue by moisturizing treatment for my face and skin while using the Baiden Mitten.

A: Your pores will shrink by using the mitten, so you'll find the sun lotion sticks around longer.

Q: You've advertised it makes skin smoother. I barely use lotion on my body for it is already naturally smooth so would it be best to quit it altogether? I suffer from dryer skin during winter and was wondering what you do to your body. (I understand all skin types are different.)

A: My skin is also quite dry during winter. So my face I look after well with a good moisturizer (I only just started this though) and the rest of my body, I moisturize every 2nd day or so.

Whatever feels necessary for you. Most beauties of the world have always said they moisturized their body every day. So I would have to say, I recommend that as much as possible for long lasting skin longevity.

Sorry for the long list of questions but I too am a highly skeptical person. I'm sorry if I've asked questions others might have asked too.

A: I am suuuuper skeptical too :) As I mentioned in some of my videos...I used to not believe fridges worked so I know where you're coming from. hehe :)

~ "this" close to buying :)

Hope this helps! :)

Sorelle <3

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Dec 06, 2012
is this normal?
by: Anonymous

hi there! i just recieved my mitten and used it only once. I love what its done so far but ive developed 3 really big pimples on my forehead and nose about two days after i used it. is this to be expected at first?
thanks :)

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