So, here's hoping

by Richard AKA Kylie Z'ass
(London, England, )

A: I'm Richard (26) and have been suffering form Spots, blocked poors, and greasy skin since the age of 13/14 and have like you tried EVERYTHING... and I Mean EVERYTHING to get my skin clear, even a little metal loopie thing to remove blocked pores (which hurts and is rather disgusting the amount of gunk that comes out of them, especially after make-up(alter ego, Mz. Kylie Z'ass to blame) the lot...I am taking the advice, and giving the mit a whirl, so I'll keep you posted as soon as it arrives

:) Richard and of course the very Mz Kylie Z'ass

A: I love you! And Mz Kylie Z.

Can't wait to hear about what kind of results you get. Please do keep me posted! :)

Sorelle x

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