Question about the product

by Carol Cassagni
(São Paulo, SP, Brasil)

Q: Some questions about the product:
1)Is the Baiden Mitten a kind of sponge or there is a product on it? And for how long can I use if I buy one?

2) I have a light, sensitive and dry skin (body) but an oily face skin. Can I use the same product for face and body?

3) How often I have to use to see any difference?

4) Brazil has a hot climate, what I have to do do prevent any skin problem during the treatment?



1) It's a mitten made out of specially woven bamboo that grips the skin in a special way and peels all the dead skin off.

Here is how to use it best:

2) Yes you can :) It will help with both skin types

3) Depends on your skin! Some people use it once, some people 3-5 times until they see a difference. Most people see it immediately

4) Nothing really. Just stay out of the sun the day after the scrub :)

Hope this helps!

<3 Sorelle

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