Pin curls

World's easiest vintage hairstyle...

pin curls

Pin curls are a great way to create an extra special or glamorous look.

They're are the basis for a great traditional vintage style and they're very easy to do once you get the hang of it. So, how do you do it?

It's simple as 1-2-3, you just have to focus and practice, you'll be able to perfect it in no time.

Step-by-step guide to do this vintage style on your own:

Step 1

The first thing you have to do is grab a small section of your damp hair, yes, it should be damp, near the root and dab on a tiny bit of gel.

Step 2

Next, you have to twirl that section around your forefinger in the direction that you'd like your curls to end up going.

Pin curls

Step 3

Once you've done this, hold that curl against your scalp and slide the curl off of your finger.

Pin curls

Step 4

A pin should be ready to hold that curl in place.

Step 5

Next, allow your hair to dry. There are some women who leave their curls overnight because for them, the longer they allow the curls to stay pinned the longer their curls will last. Well, it won't hurt to follow their lead? Might be a great idea. If you want some tight curls, you can barely comb them out and if you want loose curls, you have brush a bit more.

Pin curls

Pin curls are just amazing!

In fact, these curls are getting back in the trend these days.

More photo shoots, magazine covers, advertisements are using this hairstyle on their models. It evokes a nostalgic feel and at the same time, it brings back memories. Oh, the good 'ol days!

The best thing about these curls are their great variations and versatility. Whether you have short of long hair, pin curls will definitely work for you.

Another perk is that it can be used for children's hair styles especially flower girl hair styles. You don't want to ruin your little girl's hair with chemicals or hot styling, so it's better to stick to pin curls instead.

To put everything in a nutshell...

Every woman of all ages can wear this style.

Go for something with your hair.

Something different and something new instead of the usual curls or up-do's that we have today.

If you can look even prettier, then why not? Surely, it won't hurt, except your enemies maybe!

Pin curls

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