by Patricia
(Davao City, Philippines)

Q: Your first month of using the baiden mitten, did you experience pimples outbreak?
And, what did you use to minimize your pimples aside from mitten?
It is my 12th day of using the mitten and I’m experiencing pimples outbreak. I’m just wondering what else I can use to lessen my pimples. :)

A: Hey there.
So there could be two reasons for this. Well 3 actually.

Did you have pimples in the area you scrubbed initially? The mitten will spread pimples as it's scrubbing up all the bacteria contained in a pimple. You must make sure you stay away from pimply areas (the red active and white pimples).

Secondly...it could very well be just toxins being released from your body from the scrub. This isn't unusual. But again...don't try to scrub them off. Scrub around the pimples.

Thirdly...you say it's your 12th day using the mitten. You should only do a hard scrub once a week - no more. You may be overdoing it which could be another reason for the outbreak.

Any of these may be true for you?

<3 Sorelle Amore

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