No dead skin

by Emily
(New York)

Q: I just got one but I didn't see any dead skin or impurities build up on my skin, like in their video. Did I do it wrong??

A: Hello!
Well we all have dead skin, that is for sure so you either have very stubborn dead skin that doesn't come off, or we need to tweak your method of scrubbing a little bit.

Do you do the following:
-soak for about 10-15 minutes in a shower or bath (as warm as you can take it)
-jump out of the water and scrub head to toe with the mitten, do now wash off half way through.
-scrub up and down and side to side, not in circles
-it may take 2-3 hard scrubs until you see the skin coming off (it may be possible the dead skin needs to be loosened up)
-scrub only once a week

Are you doing the above?

Hope this helps a little!
<3 Sorelle

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