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by Nico

Q: How long did it take to show result? Does it really get rid of dark/acne spot? And what are your routine when using it?

A: Hi there :)
The results were instant. Pretty much for everyone, they always say that after the first use, their skin is extremely smooth. From then on it just keeps getting better and tackles the problems specific about your skin.

I can 100% guarantee myself that acne spots come off - these take a little longer (a couple of month) to start really going away. I used to have these pretty bad. Now there is no sign of them anymore.

Many women have said it helps their dark circles. It won't help if the dark circles are hereditary however.

My routine is once a week I scrub my body and face quite hard. This gets rid of the thick layer of dead skin.
After using the mitten a couple of months, your body gets used to this scrub and you can very gently use the mitten every day (but I mean gently). It helps take off the extra dirt you've accumulated in the day and generally it's just a nice massage to use the mitten daily :)

Hope this helps!

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