Major acne question!

by Jenae
(Fort Belvoir, Virginia, USA)

Q: Do you have any suggestions or solutions to rid acne in a more natural way so I can use the glove? I hardly have any real acne any more but a lot of scars. I really want the active acne to be gone so I can work out the rest of my skin. By the way I love your tutorials and I'm just now getting into pin up (mainly because I never knew the name of it but always was kind of into the style) and this site is very helpful to me. Please help me with my acne!!

A: Unfortunately as a past sufferer of severe acne I know how difficult it is to get rid of it...

I know that not one thing works for everyone and nothing really worked for me except time, so there's nothing I can really recommend in terms of getting rid of active acne.

I think what you can do is get the mitten, work on the rest of your body without acne, and whenever your skin that usually has the bad acne, is clear, gently rub that area with the mitten which should help prevent the acne from coming back.

I hope this helps!


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