Are you loving yourself enough to receive the love you deserve?

By Mitchell Knight

loving yourself

Are you loving yourself enough to receive the love you deserve?

As a Personal Trainer I spend a lot of time talking to people, asking questions, hearing answers and deciphering the hidden meanings behind the words. Most of the time it’s white noise but occasionally it’s more like fingernails on a chalk board! Occasionally I hear things that really weigh on my mind and really put my panties in a BIG bunch!

Recently, during a group session, we got onto the topic of a husband and boyfriend being a lot less than loving and supportive and in my opinion actually just being deadest scumbags!

“Thelma” a 40-something mother of two who can do more push ups than I can and plays more Netball than I thought humanly possible and “Louise” an Early 20’s dance teacher who naturally has to wear ankle weights in a strong breeze to stop herself from being knocked off her feet – Their partners...Bastards with the audacity to call them “FAT”!
loving yourself

Both are fit, healthy and strong (I should know, I made them that way!)...both are NOT fat but most of all both deserve to be treated a hell of a lot better!

As the conversation progressed we went through a whole range of angles and a few confessions that came from some really dark places. I admit, I am a very protective person but to hear this about two women who I deeply respect and in many ways admire really got my goat up.

I couldn’t question them further. It’s far too personal and was far too public to put them through the probable shame of answering any questions I had. But the questions didn’t go away! I got madder and sadder and more frustrated as the day went on...My back and arms copped the brunt of it all in the gym later that day!

loving yourselfLet me ask you, are you in that situation? Do you know someone in that situation? Are you in that situation and you’re only just realising it?

In my opinion: If your loved one makes you feel less than the sexiest women on the planet in his eyes, he isn’t doing his job! If you have to wonder if he loves anymore, he isn’t doing his job! AND...If he calls you fat, he deserves a kick in the balls!

I consider myself a pretty decent guy and do my utmost to make my girlfriend feel spectacular every single day! Sure, I drop the ball sometimes. I’m the first to admit that when I get home from work at 7:00pm after getting up at 3:30am that I might not be the world’s most awesome boyfriend all the time but I give it my best crack! If I called her fat and she didn’t kick me in the baby maker I’d be pretty surprised!

As people, we deserve so much more than a partner that belittles us and makes feel anything less than spectacular and I implore you to fight for that feeling. Talk to your partner and tell him or her how you feel. Don’t tolerate being put down and abused.

loving yourself

You only have to answer to yourself at the end of the day and if you’re happy and you're loving yourself and he or she isn’t loving you as you are, let them move on so you can find someone better! If you’re not happy, identify what youre’ not happy with and fix it for yourself! Don’t settle for the second best version of you and don’t settle for the second best version of love!

Life is way too short to not have real love while feeling sexy as all hell!


loving yourself

Take care, love life...


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I'll give it to him...he's a pretty nice guy :)

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