I have bad rosacea all over my face.

by mommy
(las vegas, nv)

Q: I have deep pores and really bad rosacea all over face... im wondering how it helps rosacea and what are the instructions to that? Thank you.

A: Hello Mommy :)

Thanks for your email. We've only had one or two cases where women have said that it's helped with the rosacea, so we don't like to say too excessively that it does indeed guarantee results.

It will help with the scars, however if they are very, very deep, they will help make them shallower over a period of months.

We don't want to promise you the world, because we don't want to disappoint. You will definitively see results, like most women do, such as much smoother skin and reduced wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, however if your skin condition is very bad, it won't restore it completely, however it will be of help.

Hope this helps a little with your decision!

If you would like to read a little more on the mitten, here is a link: www.PinUpSkin.com

Have a great day,


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