I have a bunch of questions

by Desiree
(Princess Anne, Maryland)

Q: I have a ton of questions about this

1.) I have super sensitive skin. How would this make it react?

A: We've had a lot of people with sensitive skin use the mitten. We always recommend that you start scrubbing lightly and as your skin gets used to it, then you can scrub harder and harder.

The benefit of the mitten is that it's woven especially to give you the best exfoliation, but it's very gentle on the skin. So much so that it's perfectly fine to use it on eyelids and then with extra pressure can also help get rid of dry skin on the feet. So you control the experience.

2.) I have darkened elbows and knees from crawling around a lot as a kid, will this lighten them?

A: Well this really depends...if it really is something to do with the top layer of the skin, then overtime the mitten will be able to lighten it.

But I must say I've never heard of someone having darkened ares from crawling around as a kid.

So this is a bit of a tricky question to answer without seeing the skin.

3.) How quickly did you see results? I'm not going to compare myself to you, I just want to know how fast this worked for you (:

A: Again, quite individual results occur. For myself, there was massive difference after the first use because my skin wasn't getting inflamed from all the dead skin clogging it.

It depends on what you want to really see the results with. If it's dry skin - this will be pretty instant (1-4 uses), if it's light scars - perhaps 2-4 months. Heavy stretch marks (my mom had very deep tummy scars from pregnancy which were 20 years old) and she saw great results after about 6 months (but she could tell the difference already throughout the 6 months).

She recommends you put coconut oil on the stretch marks after you scrub.

But most people feel a difference on their skin after the first use as it's considerably smoother.

4.) I recently just lost weight (I went from 197lb to 118lb whoop whoop (/^0^)/) and I kinda have a few stretch marks, and they're pretty old. Will it help lighten them? Even if it doesn't make them go away 100% I'd like it if it went away enough that I'd feel confident in a bathing suit.

A: As above :)

4.) Will it work on old scars and hyper pigmented skin? I hope so because it'll make a great gift for my friend c:

A: Doesn't matter the age of the scars as per my moms story. As for hyper pigmentation, it depends on how deep this is.

If the skin will respond to the Baiden Mitten scrubs, then your friend will see a marked improvement after the 2-3rd use. If it doesn't, then it will take a loooong time as the pigmentation is obviously deep and resilient.

5.) What will happen if you stop using it?

A: Your skin feels clogged up as you're used to it being fresh, soft and unclogged. And for me if I don't use it regularly, my dead skin tends to come back and irritate my face.

Otherwise, nothing else.

6.) I dry brush every day, I wash with a loofah twice daily, I use a body scrub once a week, a facial scrub 3 times a week and a pumice since once a week. Should I cut down on that since the pad it pretty rough or can I continue what I do?

A: Wowzers...you use a lot of scrubs!

You will probably be able to stop doing the body scrub weekly as the mitten will replace that. And honestly, you'll probably be able to stop with the facial scrubs too. Now that my skin is used to the mitten, I lightly scrub the mitten every 2nd or 3rd day to just make the skin breathe better, and then weekly I do the hard scrub.

I use rosewater as a toner afterwards on my face to help with the healing and use rosehip oil as my moisturizer. Done and dusted.

You'll be able to gauge how many of the scrubs you can cut down on after you use the mitten the first time as you'll be able to feel your personal difference on your skin.

7.) How many days should I wait to consider waxing or shaving?

A: I quite often shave my legs and then remember that I need to use the mitten and use it straight afterwards.

If your skin is very sensitive, just give it one day in between.

8.) How will it affect tattoos?

A: If anything, it will help to brighten the tattoos up more as the top dead layer of skin is taken away. We've had a lot of feedback like this.

But we recommend scrubbing the tattoos less, perhaps once a month, just to be on the safe side.

The only thing we can think of is that the vigorous scrub will increase your blood flow and maybe this will affect the tattoos long term. But we have no proof of this at all.

9.) Lastly, will it help with ingrown hairs and will it lighten up your skin a bunch?

A: Depends on the depth of the ingrown hairs. If they are surface ingrowns, then yes, it will help to release them.

If they are suuuuper deep that even tweezers can get to them even after you dig and dig and dig, then nope. The mitten doesn't go past the top dead layer of skin.

My friend, Kat Creasey, An Australian Pin Up Model found that the mitten lightened her skin 4-5 shades as she builds and paints furniture.

So she got rid of that dirt.

But it won't remove your tan (maybe 1-2 shades as perhaps your 'tan' is just dead skin), but it won't alter the colour of your skin.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions but I'd really like to get this and make it a staple in my skin care regimen c:

A: Not a worry!

So glad I could help!

Please ensure you take before photos of yourself (before the very first use) and check back on your results after a couple of weeks.

Lots of people want results in 5 minutes, and even though you may have some, the best results will obviously work when you use the mitten continuously on a weekly basis.

And it's always good to have a reference point from where you've come.

Let us know how you go!

<3 Sorelle

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