I currently have acne and am wondering, should I use this product?

by April
(Tacoma, WA, USA)

Q: I am beyond my teenage years (I'm 26) and am still suffering from all the usual acne problems: blemishes, slight acne scars, rosacea, oily skin, blackheads, etc. Since I am having such difficulty getting rid of these skin problems, due to large pores, I'm curious if this product will help. Or do you think it a bad idea to rub off pimples that are still lingering? I don't want to cause any unnecessary scaring.

A: Any topic about acne is so close to my heart. Absolutely feel your pain. Went through the exact same thing.

So if you have active acne, make sure you don't scrub them off with the mitten - this won't cause scarring but there is a good change that it will spread the acne more. So it's important not to scrub over those blemishes.

If you do have places on your face that you don't have active acne, this product is perfect for you and all the other problems you states - large pores, scarring, oily skin, rosacea, blackheads.

It will help get rid of all of those and at the same time clear any clogged pores to prevent the active acne from returning.

So it may be a longer process, but eventually if you scrub your face bit by bit, you should see a huge improvement in your overall condition of the skin.

AND you also get to scrub your body, which helps your body breath better and gives you smooth skin.

I couldn't recommend this product to you more.

Please let me know if you have any further questions :)


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