How long does it take to work, and does it last?

by Rachael Ray

Q: I've tried a load of creams and rubbish, and nothing seemed to work for very long. My skin would start getting better, but then all of a sudden, my spots would come back with a vengence, and my cellulite (Yes, I have loads on my thighs) became really red. So I really want something that's not going to drop out after a few weeks, but instead lasts for a while, without me having to worry about what happens when it stops working.
I guess I'm asking if this mitten thing does work, and if it does, does it work permanently?
Rachael. :D

A: Hey Rachael.

Perfect question. I had the same problem. Things lasting for a couple of weeks and then it would all stop.

Let me just say that it's been 2.5 years now that I have been using the mitten and I haven't had a need to use anything...ANNNYYYTTHHHIIIINNNGGG else (for my dry skin, acne scarring, redness, pigmentation).

So I'm a happy customer also :)

So in short...yes, absolutely the results last and the mitten lasts for about 2 years :)

Sorelle <3

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