Achieving the Hourglass Figure
by PT Mitchell Knight

hourglass figure

The hourglass figure is a classic...it has stood the test of time better than any other look for good reason...it’s sexy as all hell and pretty healthy too!

Some are born with it, some can build it and some will always be long and lean as much as they try.
The science behind it all basically comes down to genetics so when you next see her, kick Grandma in the shins!

No matter which category you fall into there is always something that can be done...It might not turn you into Marilyn Monroe but we’ve already had one of her anyway. The world might still be waiting for the super sexy, confident version of you!

So...what exercises can we do to build or enhance your hourglass shape???

THE HIPS/BUTT - “I’ve got no arse! It’s flat! It’s small! How do I get some shape in it?”...If I had a dollar!!!

The answer is two key exercises: Squats and Lunges (and all 100,000,000 variations of them!) 
They work the front and backs of your thighs and your butt all together. This is what creates that “hippy” look you see in women like Halle Berry!

hourglass figure


  • Feet hip width apart

  • Knees go straight over your toes

  • Stick your butt out – Drop it to the ground – Push Back Up
  • Keep you back straight, shoulders back and chest out
  • Make sure your heels stay on the ground and that you push back up through them

hourglass figure


  • One leg in front of the other
  • Drop the back knee to just above the ground and then push back up
  • Back straight, shoulders back, chest out

hourglass figure

NB: A full squat is butt to ground

. It will be hard to start but as you get better go lower...A great philosopher once said “shorty got low”...and Flo Rida was right...Shorty will get low...but it’s not a race. Slow and steady progress!

hourglass figure

THE WAIST (essential part of the hourglass figure): Depending on your body shape, you may not need to do much but from a muscular stand point the “core” of your body is really similar to a corset as seen in the above photo of (mega babe) Sophia Loren.

The muscles all pull inwards towards one another drawing everything in with them so if you want a a built in corset anything to do with core strength is going to help!

The gold standard for core strength is and probably always will be planks! But there are ways of easing into them and changing them up to make the a bit less URGH!


  • Points of contact – Toes (Knees for beginners but stay stretched out long), Elbows and Fore Arms.
One flat board of person from head to toe – face down
  • Elbows directly below shoulders
  • Back flat, Butt down
hourglass figure

Lower back pain? Your core is probably weak...go back to the easiest level, take your time and it should get easier!

Next step to achieving the hourglass figure...

THE BOOBS: Sadly there’s no exercise that will make you go from a B to a DD...if there was a guy would have discovered it by now for sure! However, there are a few ways to “perk” things up. 
Building a bit of chest muscle size will obviously push your breasts up and out so the classic push-up can be a winner. Alternatively in a gym there are a multitude of exercises that can be done...far too many to list!

Conversely what is happening in your back can be equally important. If your back is weak you might have rounded shoulders given the appearance of a smaller bust. This can also squash your waist down a bit too! Strengthen the back, open up the shoulders and push “the girls” up there for the world to see!

The Row:

  • Secure an exercise band (Old stockings) to a door handle

  • Stand with a slight bend in your knees
  • Shoulder back, Chest Up, Stand Tall
  • Pull the band back, running your elbows past the side of your rib cage
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together at the back of the movement
  • SLOWLY release

hourglass figure

Take care, love life...


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