hi im 19 and have acne and acne scar issues please help !

by jordan
(new britan,ct,us)

Q: im 19 i have acne im wondering if the baiden mitten will make my pimpels and acne scars go away completely and how long it will take i have ben using merderma scar remover for years and my acne scars are still noticeable.. just wondering if this may help ?? i want my skin to flawless just like a pin up model! thanks for your time .. please get back to me as soon as possible my email is kkatherian@aol.com

A: Hi Jordan,

I've also had acne and acne scars.

The mitten will deeefinitively help out. Depending on how deep the scars are, some may remain, however the shallower ones will dissapear. I'd say in 2-3 months of weekly uses, you should see a significant difference.

Just make sure you take before and after photos to remember what you looked like at the start.

Make sure that you don't use the mitten over active acne though. The mitten will spread acne. So use the mitten in areas that don't have it, then that will help prevent more acne coming back through and will reduce your acne levels.

No risk involved though, if it doesn't work for you (which it works for 90% of people), you can always return it after 60 days for a full refund.

Hope this helps!

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Oct 13, 2012
Ordering Baiden Mitten
by: Sorelle Amore

Not a problem!

Be as skeptical as you need to be. You may have seen in the video that I used to think fridges didn't work - skeptic at it's best :)

Pretty crappy about proactiv :(
I used it too but it only turned my eyebrows orange. So it wasn't as bad as your experience but it certainly didn't help!

You can order the mitten here: http://www.pinupskin.com/

Also, yes. Make sure you wash your skin before the mitten if you have any make up or anything on. Here is a video to explain more about the use of the mitten:

Let me know if you have any other questions :)


Oct 10, 2012
thanks sorele
by: Anonymous

Thanks sorelle .. how do I order one .. and should I wash my face before using the mitten? I'm super skeptic cause I used proactive and it literally ate my face that's the majority of my scars

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